Friday, November 11, 2016


Hi Blog Followers....

I need your help!  Jayson helped some friends make a video to enter a contest with to win $150,000.  Out of thousands of entries, the video was selected as one of the top 25 finalists.  The winner will be determined by the number of votes.  A vote for "Tyson S" is like a vote for our family, so please, please, PLEASE take 30 seconds to vote using the link below.  You can vote once per email address and you will have to confirm the vote by responding to an email they send to you.

PS...I know I've been pretty absent from the blog lately, but here is a cute picture from Halloween!



Louise said...

Hi, I'm Brazilian and a follower for a long time. I miss the posts but imagine how your time should be spent, not rsrsrs ... even being in Brazil, I was able to vote for the video ... I wish luck, I hope it wins! Hugs, Louise.

Angela said...

Wow, your kids are huge now. I love the costumes. Good Job!