Saturday, November 10, 2012

Field Trip Friday--G and X


The eXcursion for G and X was a bit ill-fated, but we had a Great time, nonetheless!  Our original plan was to take the eXpress train downtown and follow our "X marks the spot" map to find Guitar statues, Gingerbread house displays (this was right before Christmas last year) and the Grand Green Christmas tree at the Driskill Hotel.  Sounds Great, doesn't it?  However things kept Getting in the way.  Every time we scheduled our trip, one of the kids would feel Green and start eXpelling Gross Gunk (ie puking).  After postponing the trip three times, we decided not to eXtend any longer and we decided to Go a couple days after Christmas.  Kaiya was Growing ill the morning of our eXcursion, so we left her with our friends, the Gobers and started off on our eXciting eXperience!


X was one of the letters of the day, so taking an eXpress train was to be eXpected!

 At the station, we waited on platform Germane!

 Dowtown, the kids Got their maps and were ready to GO! (Ryder, Rustin, Kyndall, Kassidy and Kaydence with Riley)

The map was supposed to take us to see a Gingerbread house display, but when we Got to the Four Seasons, they informed us that the display was GONE!

Next we eXplored the city, hoping to find the Guitars, however the website I had Gotten the information from was ineXact---the only Guitars that were still around were the ones we had seen on an earlier trip.
 The Gang with Guitar number 1

 By this time the Group was Growing Grumpy and wanted some Grub, so we stopped for a picnic lunch.  A Group of birds Gave the kids a scare!

 The Gang with Guitar number 2

We finally Got to where X marked the spot and the Gang was Gung-ho to see the Great Christmas decorations at the Driskill.....however....can you Guess?  Yep, the decorations were GONE.
 We relaXed for a while in the lobby, then headed back to the train station.

 On the way, we passed a firestation with a Quint firetruck---Goodness Gracious, this called for a Kodak moment!

 When we Got back to the station, Good-hearted Kaydence, Gorgeous Kassidy, Gleeful Kyndal, Goofy Rustin, Garrulous Ryder and Groovy Riley all agreed that we had an eXtreemly Good time!
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