Monday, January 25, 2010

Pics from the KVUE Interview

The KVUE interview turned out to be one of our favorites for several reasons. First, it got us together with the Jones family which was so much fun. Their family is adorable and their quintuplets just turned one! What a great milestone. They all looked really healthy. Another reason we enjoyed this interview is that the KVUE staff gave us a tour of the set after the show was over. All the kids had a great time sitting at the news desk and pretending to give the weather and traffic report. (NOTE: if you missed the interviews, scroll down to my previous post to watch them.)

We arrived at KVUE at 8:10 am. When we got there, we were taken to the break room where we met up with the Jones Family. The Jones left shortly after for their interview, which we were able to watch on a TV in the break room. After their interview was over, it was our turn. All our kids did amazingly well---I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved they were while we were on air! The last TV interview we did they were throwing toys and running away. I'd like to say it is because of our fabulous parenting that they did so well this time (ha, ha), but the truth is I think they were fascinated by all the lights, microphones, and cameras. Also we didn't have to sit on the couch for very long before the actual interview started. Following our interview, they brought the Jones family back in for a final shot with all of us together (unfortunately, that shot is not on the web version of the story).

Seeing the Jones quints brought back lots of memories of when our quints were one. It also made us grateful to be in the stage that we are in. Two and a half is hard, but one was soooo much harder! I love that my "babies" can talk and do more things for themselves now.

The first meeting: Wilkinson quints and the Jones quints

Two families: Thirteen kids!

The complete Wilkinson Family and Jones Family together for the first time

Final parting scene from the KVUE Daybreak interview

At the news desk with Quita Culpepper, the Weekend Daybreak Anchor (Kassidy, Ryder, Jayson, Kaydence, Kyndall, Kaiya, Rachelle, Riley, Rustin and Quita)

The Green Screen: Rustin, Ryder, Riley, Kyndall, Kaiya, Kaydence and Kassidy

Quint Moms: Casey and Rachelle

Pretending to give the traffic report

Ryder was more interested in disassembling the cameras then he was in giving the traffic report.

More green screen fun---Ethan (Jones Quints Dad on the right of the picture) was wearing a green shirt so it looked like his head and arms were floating.

The real reason my kiddos behaved during the interview was because we bribed them with breakfast at McDonald's afterwards...

Kaydence and Rustin finish up their hot cakes and water.

Riley and Kaiya---we almost never have breakfast at McDonald's so this was a rare treat for them!


So many fun things to climb on and what does Ryder go for? The broom left out by the workers. I sure hope his addiction to brooms and vacuums sticks around until it he is old enough for me to put it to good use!

Riley, Rustin, Kaiya, Ryder, Kyndall, Kaydence and Kassidy


Saturday, January 23, 2010

KVUE Daybreak--Quints Times TWO!!

Here is a link to the Daybreak News Stories from this morning. It was so much fun to be with the Jones Quints. I took lots of pictures....I'll post those a little later.

Our Family:

Jones Family:


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quints Times Two

A few days ago, the only other set of quintuplets in Austin, the Jones Quintuplets, turned one. In honor of their birthday, Daybreak, the local weekend news show, is having both the Jones family and our family on the show. It is the first time that both sets of quints will be all together---It should be a lot of fun!

If you are in the Austin area, you can watch the show (or sleep in and set your DVR). It's this Saturday, January 23rd on KVUE. The show runs from 7-9 am, and we should be on in the 8:00 hour.

If they post anything online, I will put a link here after the show.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun in the Tub

We rarely bathe the quints all at the same time anymore now that they are bigger---it's a bit crowded. We usually split them and do the boys first and then the girls. A few weeks ago, however, Jayson was out of town and I was bathing them on my own, so I decided to throw them all in the tub together. They had a blast, though I think there was more water out of the tub than in it by the time they were through!
Kassidy, Ryder, Kyndall, Rustin and Kaydence

Kassidy, Rustin, Ryder, Kyndall and Kaydence

They love making faces at themselves in the fixtures

Ryder, Kaydence, Kyndall, Rustin and Kassidy---after their bath, they like to be bundled up in their towels like little mummys.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Day

The Family Room Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was lots of fun. We usually open presents in a nice orderly fashion---we take turns starting with the youngest and working our way to the oldest. I like having everybody watch each other open presents, and I figure it took me a long time to buy and wrap all the presents, so we should make the present un-wrapping last as long as possible. This year, however, was a different story. We started the way we usually do--everyone looks in their stockings, then we have a family prayer and start unwrapping presents. It didn't take long for "order" to go out the window and "chaos" took over! The quints had no concept of taking turns unwrapping presents. All they knew is that suddenly they were allowed to open presents that they had been previously forbidden to even touch. A couple of them, like Kassidy and Rustin, tore into the packages. Some of the others didn't really care about opening---they just wanted to play with whatever was already open. Riley and Kaiya were dying to see what they got, so we quickly gave up on the turn taking (at least with the quints) and just let Riley and Kaiya take turns opening their presents. Jayson and I spent most of our time preventing the babies from unwrapping things they shouldn't and taking toys out of boxes. The way they package toys these days is ridiculous!!! By 9:30, Riley and Kaiya were done unwrapping, Jayson and I hadn't even started, and the quints had about half of theirs unwrapped. We abandoned the presents and decided to have breakfast before continuing. I think by the time we finished everything it was about 11:00 am. It was so entertaining to watch everyone open gifts. Riley usually gets excited about everything he opens---even the boring stuff like clothes. This year Kaiya even showed excitement (more rare for her). Rustin is a lot like Riley and gets really excited about everything. Kassidy wanted to unwrap everything she could get her hands on. Ryder wanted to know how everything worked. Kaydence just wanted to play. Kyndall got on the rocking horse that Mimi and Papa gave them and we had a hard time getting her off---even to eat breakfast.
All the kids waiting at the top of the stairs. They aren't allowed to come down until the appointed time (and until their Mom and Dad have the camera and video camera ready!)

And they're off!

It took the quints a little longer to make it down the stairs.

Kaiya and Riley check out their stockings

The quints spy the rocking horses from Mimi and Papa. They were the highlight of Christmas morning for them.

Kassidy opens her new dolly from Santa

Rustin opens one of the girl's dolls---oops!

Ryder shows off his GeoTrax trains from Santa

Kassidy did most of the unwrapping for the group---she didn't care whose name was on the outside!

Rustin unwraps his GeoTrax

Riley opens his Pogo Stick from Santa

Kaiya with her "laptop"

Riley jumping on the pogo stick, also wearing the new tie he got. If they made a soundtrack of our Christmas morning, it would be a mixture of horse noises (the rocking horses made noises when you press their ears) and Pogo-stick jumping, with a few exclamations of "Awesome" thrown in.

Kaydence happily playing with a new Magnadoodle

Kassidy with the new baby doll bed.

Kyndall decided the baby doll bed was just the right size for her

Ryder and Rustin play with another favorite---the Yo Gabba Gabba boombox

Kyndall checking out an Elmo Doll

Kaiya with her iDog

Christmas breakfast---we always have cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk and little cereal boxes--YUM!

Kassidy, Kyndall, Ryder, Kaydence and Rustin enjoy their little cereals

Kaydence--- In the evening, GG and Ronnie came over and brought the quints trikes! They can't quite reach the pedals, but they are getting pretty good at the "Fred Flintstone" method


Traffic Jam

Jayson, Kaiya and Riley play a new Wii game called "Just Dance" (it has definitely become one of our favs!)

Despite the chaos, Christmas was great! I am already looking forward to next year!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Next American Idol

One of our favorite games to play as a family is "American Idol" on the Wii. The quints like to grab "microphones" (blocks or kitchen utensils) and pretend to play too. We didn't realize just how much they were picking up on until the other night at dinner...

Last night we were playing Lego Rockband after the quints went to bed. We played "Crocodile Rock". When we finished the song, it was quiet for a minute, then we heard a little voice from the room where the girl's were supposed to be sleeping singing "La-----, la la la la la-----..." It was hilarious!