Thursday, December 25, 2008

Virtual Christmas Card 2008

Since there is no way to reach all of you via the regular postal mail, I am instead posting a "virtual Christmas Card". Thank you for all your support and have a Merry Christmas!!!

And now for the story of 2008...
The Wilkinson family will give an update.

We'll start with the quints, who this year turned one.
They're five times the work…but five times the fun!
They walk, they mumble, they laugh, and they stumble
Play games with their parents and then take a tumble.
They poop and they play, they party and pray;
And they love watching Wiggles at the end of each day.
They pose quite a challenge for Mom and for Dad,
But their smiles and cuteness make everyone glad.
Healthy and happy, is what we all love--
And for that we still thank the good Lord above.

Rustin and Ryder, the two goofy boys
Take turns at the trouble and stealing the toys.
There’s Kassidy, Kaydence, and Kyndall too
Who like playing with dolls and trying on shoes.

Now Riley and Kaiya, they’re lots of fun too!
They like to play piano and go to the zoo.
Kaiya loves dancing, and Riley, his bike.
Having adventures is what they both like.
Riley does swimming and likes to create.
This year he was baptized because he turned eight.
Kaiya likes reading and going to school,
And playing with Riley 'cause she thinks he's cool.
They star in their own YouTube video show,
Might one day be famous (but let's not let them know).

As for Mom and Dad, they'd like a good rest--
A cruise or a trip to get out of the nest.
Well, for that they’ll simply just have to keep waiting.
But, because of good friends, they still do some dating!

Now that just sums it up. Yes, it's been a good year.
Thanks to our friends from far and from near.
Now if you want more, you will just have to log
Onto your computer to check out the blog!

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas...

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the music, the lights and just the general air of excitement and anticipation. I love reading Christmas cards from friends and family. I love the sappy Christmas movies they show on the Hallmark Channel (and other similar stations). I love wrapping presents. I love taking my kids shopping and seeing what creative things they come up with to give people. I love baking goodies for the neighbors. I love all the special foods that we make only at Christmastime. I love dressing the girls in their Christmas dresses and the boys in their Christmas ties. I especially love all the family traditions associated with Christmas.

One of my favorite traditions is reading Christmas stories. We have three different “Countdown to Christmas” story collections, so every night we sit by the Christmas tree and read stories. A couple of my all–time favorites are “The Tale of Three Trees” and “Trouble at the Inn”. Although I have read these stories many times, I still get choked up every time I read them!

Unlike many families, one of our traditions is that we don’t cook on Christmas Day. Instead we have our nice dinner on Christmas Eve. Since we did not live by family when I was growing up, we always got together with friends on Christmas Eve. We eat dinner and sometimes go caroling or out to look at Christmas lights. Then we don bathrobes and towels on our heads to reenact the Nativity while reading the story of Jesus’ birth from the bible.

Last year's Nativity Reenactment---Shepherd Riley, Angel Kaiya, Wiseman Alec and Cora as Mary

On Christmas Eve, after our dinner is through and any guests have gone home, we sit around the Christmas tree and we each choose our favorite Christmas song to sing. Then we take lots of pictures by the tree---we take the girls together, the boys together, the whole family, the kids, etc. We always finish with a “pile” picture. Growing up, I had four brothers. As you can imagine, this was NOT their favorite part of the evening. I think it has actually become part of the tradition for them to whine and complain the whole time.

Group Shot from Christmas Eve 2007 (Wow, I forgot how bald all the babies were!)

After pictures, we each open one present, which is always pajamas. After putting on the new jammies, we of course have to take a couple more pictures before setting the milk and cookies out for Santa and jumping into bed.

For breakfast Christmas morning, we always have those little single-serve boxes of cereal. My grandparents started this tradition when my mom was a young child. They couldn’t afford to have cereal all the time, so having cereal on Christmas morning was a special treat. Even though we have cereal for breakfast almost every day at our house, my kids still love getting the little boxes for Christmas. In fact, if you ask my kids what traditions we have for Christmas, the little cereal boxes are usually the only thing they remember. With our little cereals, we also have cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk.

Christmas this year should be a lot of fun. We have had to be a little bit creative with our Christmas decorations. The babies are that stage where they are curious about everything, and don’t quite listen when you tell them “no”. Our Christmas tree has a baby gate surrounding it, and all of our other decorations have been placed out of reach. I am sure the babies will like opening presents and playing with the paper and boxes. Riley and Kaiya are a bit concerned that the babies will attack all of their presents as well.

The Christmas Tree

Ryder, Kassidy and Rustin attempt to overpower the barrier--So far their attempts have been unsuccessful!

The Mantel---Check out all those Christmas stockings! (Which fortunately are too high for the babies to reach.)

Creative measures to keep cords and decorations out of reach of little hands!

Today was the Sunday before Christmas and all the kiddos were dressed in their Christmas clothes. I attempted to get a picture of each of the kids in front of the Christmas tree, but not everyone wanted to cooperate!

Riley--"All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!"







Kaiya and Riley

The Boys: Rustin, Jayson, Ryder and Riley

The Girls: Kassidy, Rachelle, Kaydence, Kyndall and Kaiya

Jayson and Rachelle

My brother Colby and his girlfriend Neeha stopped by this weekend for a couple of hours on their way to Arizona. I made them pose for a few pictures. Colby said that he thinks I may have become worse than our mom when it comes to taking lots of pictures-----I think I will take that as a compliment!

Ryder, Rustin, Kaiya, Kassidy, Neeha, Kaydence, Colby, Kyndall, and Riley


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quint Olympics: Gobble, Gobble Competition

After a long hiatus, the Quint Olympics are back! This episode features another eating competition, but with a different twist. The gold medal will go to the most adventurous eater.

If you missed the other Quint Olympics episodes, you can watch them using the links below:

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Event 3: Crawl Race

Which Quint Olympics episode is your favorite so far? Cast your vote in the poll to the left --->

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Recent Poll Shows...

5 out of 5 Babies Recommend
the 2009 Wilkinson Quints Calendar






To see pictures from the calendar, or to order your own, click HERE.

PS-- Check back tomorrow for another exciting episode of the Quint Olympics!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Now Shipping!

The calendars arrived at my house yesterday and they look great! I am so happy about how they turned out! Last year's calendar was good, but this year's calendar is even better. Now that they are older, the babies have so much more personality and it really comes out in the pictures.

***All calenders that were pre-ordered were shipped this morning.***

Here are a couple more pictures from the final product:


Monday, December 1, 2008

Calendar Update

The calendars are printed and are finally on the way to my house! They should get here on Thursday. For everyone who has ordered calendars---THANK YOU! Assuming I get the calendars on Thursday, I will be mailing orders out on Friday.

For anyone who hasn't ordered a calendar yet--there's still time! To order a calendar or to see thumbnails of all the pictures, click HERE.

All proceeds will be used to support the seemingly endless consumption of diapers and wet wipes by the Wilkinson Quints!