Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Recent Poll Shows...

5 out of 5 Babies Recommend
the 2009 Wilkinson Quints Calendar






To see pictures from the calendar, or to order your own, click HERE.

PS-- Check back tomorrow for another exciting episode of the Quint Olympics!



Kelly said...

We got our calendar in the mail and I LOVE IT! It turned out so cute this year. Yes, I want more. I'll come get them...nice job!

Kristen Joy said...

The calendar looks great! I like how the kids are reading it like a book, and I love Rustin in his big boy polo shirt and jeans.

Anonymous said...

Love those dresses for the girls. Too cute. Calendar looks great - neat idea. I just saw your post on my blog about the surg. The recovery is going well. I highly recommend it. It is amazing on how very different it looks and I feel even not being all healed up. I am glad I had it done. Hope your holiday season is going well. Have a great month. Take Care!

Heather Marie said...

The calendar looks great this year! So creative and cute! Your little ones are so adorable and they are growing so quickly! I've been following your blog since they were born! It's so cool to see how they've changed since then! :) Merry Christmas!

Sandra said...

My copy of the calendar arrived here in Sweden today, Yay :) It is absolutely adorable! Coolest calendar ever ;)