Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quint Olympics: Gobble, Gobble Competition

After a long hiatus, the Quint Olympics are back! This episode features another eating competition, but with a different twist. The gold medal will go to the most adventurous eater.

If you missed the other Quint Olympics episodes, you can watch them using the links below:

Event 1: Toy Wrestling
Event 2: Cheerio Eating
Event 3: Crawl Race

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Carly said...

your babies are so cute. My mom in law just moved to Marble Falls, so I hope one day I could come by and meet your sweet family.

ps. your brother Ryan was roommates with my Husband. and actually Shane was roommates with one of my friends too.

Moni Graf said...

That could be one of the cutest and creative things I've ever seen! And great commentator action, too. Great job, Wilkinsons!

A Fan from KS,
Moni and the Graf Quads

Selene said...

I thought for sure Adam would lose the competition if he were in it but I believe he did eat one of those Thanksgiving foods (the roll).

The Queen Vee said...

You win the Emmy for best reporters, best competitors and best reality show. Survivor has nothing on you, not even close.

Everyone looks great, adorable handsome and perfect.
Well, maybe not perfect as Riley is missing those two front teeth.

As usual LOVED the Quint Olympics!

Tobi said...

I love your new layout on your blog and the new pictures of the quints. Very cute! I love that Kyndall stayed true to form and didn't eat anything. Poor girl.

McCulloch Family said...

That was hilarious!!! Thanks guys!!! :)

Arnold Quads said...

rachelle you guys crack me up! the kids are adorable and I love your creativity!

The Looney Family said...

How cute! Y'all are so creative. I can't believe how big the babies have gotten!

Anonymous said...

That was so cute! I have been following your blog since I found it! Your kids are adorable! Riley and Kaiya did a great job narrating the whole thing!


Cassie said...

GO Kaydence!

You are so creative! I love it!