Thursday, December 25, 2008

Virtual Christmas Card 2008

Since there is no way to reach all of you via the regular postal mail, I am instead posting a "virtual Christmas Card". Thank you for all your support and have a Merry Christmas!!!

And now for the story of 2008...
The Wilkinson family will give an update.

We'll start with the quints, who this year turned one.
They're five times the work…but five times the fun!
They walk, they mumble, they laugh, and they stumble
Play games with their parents and then take a tumble.
They poop and they play, they party and pray;
And they love watching Wiggles at the end of each day.
They pose quite a challenge for Mom and for Dad,
But their smiles and cuteness make everyone glad.
Healthy and happy, is what we all love--
And for that we still thank the good Lord above.

Rustin and Ryder, the two goofy boys
Take turns at the trouble and stealing the toys.
There’s Kassidy, Kaydence, and Kyndall too
Who like playing with dolls and trying on shoes.

Now Riley and Kaiya, they’re lots of fun too!
They like to play piano and go to the zoo.
Kaiya loves dancing, and Riley, his bike.
Having adventures is what they both like.
Riley does swimming and likes to create.
This year he was baptized because he turned eight.
Kaiya likes reading and going to school,
And playing with Riley 'cause she thinks he's cool.
They star in their own YouTube video show,
Might one day be famous (but let's not let them know).

As for Mom and Dad, they'd like a good rest--
A cruise or a trip to get out of the nest.
Well, for that they’ll simply just have to keep waiting.
But, because of good friends, they still do some dating!

Now that just sums it up. Yes, it's been a good year.
Thanks to our friends from far and from near.
Now if you want more, you will just have to log
Onto your computer to check out the blog!

Merry Christmas!



Misty said...

What a beautiful card! Merry Christmas!
MOM to gggg quads

(oh, and I totally hear you on getting out to date and alittle rest!)

LucieP said...

so cute!

Hope you have a wonderful 2009

MDtripmom said...

You guys are amazing! Loved the poem update as well. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Colleen said...

That's so nice! Merry Christmas & Happy & Healthy 2009!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful card and great poem! Merry Christmas!

Cikmin said...

hai rachel..nice to read your blog..kisses from malaysia.

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

great job on your card, it is so cute and mine is hanging on my wall of fame of my dear friends and family. are you in town this week?

Cynthia said...

Holy Moly! You are one busy Mama! My twins are now 8 and I'm still traumatized by how hard it was when they were both little 29 week preemies. 5? Plus older kids? Wow!

Love the card. Have a wonderful holiday season (now that it's over! LOL!)

Summer said...

wow, your family is impressive!
Hi, I'm wendy wells sister, Summer. She had told me about your family.
What a cute poem about your family!