Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008--Part 1

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we kept up our family tradition of inviting a few friends over for dinner. This year we had Jayson’s brother, Joel, with his wife, Tobi and their two kids, Alec and Cora. We also had our friends Brenda and Tyrone with their kids Luvinia and Joe, my good friend Cassaundra, and my friend Virginia with her husband Ron. Normally I love getting out the Christmas dishes and making the table look fancy with charger plates, centerpieces, candles, place cards and the works, but this year I kept it very simple with plastic utensils. A tablecloth and the gingerbread house that the kids decorated was the extent of our fanciness! The babies have recently learned how to climb up on chairs and tables, and we have had more than our share of broken dishes lately, so I thought it would be wise to forgo the China, crystal and candles this year!

The "Kid" Table: Riley, Joe, Luvinia, Kaiya

The "Adult" Table--Cassaundra, Jayson, Tobi, Joel, Ron

Kassidy, Kaydence, Rustin, Kyndall and Ryder

Cassaundra and Rachelle

Following dinner, we read from the Bible the story of Christ’s birth, and the kids acted it out. Kaiya played Mary this year. Luvinia was an angel. Riley, Joe, Alec and Cora doubled as Wisemen and Shepherds.

Kaiya aka Mary

Riley bearing a gift of a roll

Mary (Kaiya) is visited by the Angel Gabriel (Luvinia)

The wise men (Riley, Joe and Alec) offer gifts to the baby Jesus. They were all out of gold, frankincense and myrrh, so they used watches and cell phones instead.

By the time we finished dessert, the babies were tired and grumpy so we put them bed. Once our guests were gone, the four of us sang Christmas carols around the tree and of course took lots more PICTURES!!!

Kaiya and Riley being goofy!

The Girls: Rachelle and Kaiya

The Boys: Jayson and Riley

Jayson and Rachelle

Jayson, Riley, Rachelle and Kaiya

The traditional "pile" picture--I think Jayson is a little bit worried about next year, when the babies join in the pile!

Rachelle, Riley, Jayson and Kaiya in our new Christmas Eve jammies

We were having a little bit too much fun with the camera's self timer--everyone kept coming up with new poses :-)



Moni Graf said...

Looks like you had a great time! Gotta love when babies' bed time rolls around....just a little reprieve from all the chaos and a chance for everyone to act silly.

Happy New Year, Wilkinsons! Can't wait to see what the year will bring.

Love from KS,

The Queen Vee said...

What a wonderful Christmas Eve. I know it meant a lot to all those that you included/invited to your celebration and feast. The self timing pictures are fun, great....maybe it's because you are all so photogenic.

Kristen Duke said...

jayson didn't get new jammies? I like all your poses at the end. And how could the babies have ruined christmas with that fancy gate guarding all the gifts? Nice tradition to invite people over. It was only our 2nd time having christmas alone and don't have any good traditions yet, i like that one.

wildingtex said...

Especially loved the pictures of the four of you at the end. What a treat to have silly/treasured time with Riley and Kaiya. You are all an inspiration. Happy New Year!!!

Me and my Gurl said...

Thank you sooooooo much for sharing your WONDERFUL Christmas.

This year was a little different for us. Some were missing and money was not there so Christmas was a little different. The "Christ" in Christmas was there but not in the same way as in years past. Our children are older now.... and one of mine is no longer here so this year was a bit difficult for me. Thank you for reminding me that Christmas is a wonderful time of year, for family especially.