Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calendar Outtakes--Part 2

Here is the second installment of calendar outtakes and "behind the scenes" stories...

May—55 Pictures taken
This was actually the first picture that we took for the 2009 calendar. My mom went with my dad to Hawaii last year and she brought back outfits for all the kids (Riley and Kaiya included), When I saw the outfits for the first time, I knew they had “Kodak Moment” written all over them! For this picture, I enlisted the help of my professional photographer friend, Kristen Duke. A nearby neighborhood has a waterfall at its entrance and I thought it would be the perfect spot for the Hawaiian photo. Kristen came to my house and we got all the babies dressed and ready and we all piled in the Beast. Kristen even brought her brother and sister-in-law to help out. We had just pulled into the parking lot, when out of no where, it started to rain. We waited to see if it would stop, but it just started raining harder. We knew that even if we waited it out, the ground would be wet and the babies would not like that, so we gave up and went back home.

We rescheduled the photo shoot for a couple of weeks later. We got there bright and early in the morning so we could have the best light. After unloading everyone and all our gear, we made our way to the waterfall--or at least to where the waterfall was supposed to be. For some reason, there was no water falling from the waterfall that day. We tried calling a phone number we found at the pool (located fairly close to the waterfall), but no one was able to help us. After standing around for several minutes debating what we should do, we finally decided to take the picture anyway. By this point, the babies were hungry, tired and not at all excited about having their picture taken. We found another spot around the corner from the waterfall and got some semi-decent (although not very smiley) pictures.

Kassidy voices her opinion of the waterless waterfall.

Virginia and Mimi try an old favorite (Cheerios) to get the kids to smile---or at least stop crying!

Riley and Kaiya join Rustin, Kaydence, Kassidy, Kyndall and Ryder

I love this shot of Kaydence, Kassidy, Ryder, Rustin and Kyndall all trying to escape.

This one isn't really an outtake, but I thought Kristen got such a great picture of Kaiya that I decided to post it anyway!

The Final Result: May's Calendar Picture

June—139 Pictures taken

I have always liked Anne Geddes photography, and having five babies has given me the perfect excuse to try some “Anne Geddes” style pictures of my own! Taking the flower pot pictures was easier than some of the other pictures because I shot each baby individually and then used Photoshop to put them all together in the end. My biggest challenges with this picture were getting the babies to keep the flower headband on their head and keeping them from tipping over (or diving out in Rustin’s case).

Kaydence trying to escape

Kaiya posing for my lighting tests

Kyndall getting a bit tippy---after she fell over, we got Riley to go behind the backdrop and hold on to the pot--if you look closely you can see his hands in some of the other pictures.


Kaydence--she hates getting her picture taken!

Rustin diving out of the pot

The Final Result: June's Calendar Picture

July—52 Pictures taken

Of all the pictures in the calendar, this one was the easiest to take. The babies were strapped down, so they couldn’t get away! (Not even Rustin could dive out of this one!) Our biggest challenge was keeping everyone from poking their eyes out with the flags. My sister, Tiare, was here to help me with this one---I am sure the neighbors enjoyed watching as we danced, sang, held props, and did whatever else we could think of to get the babies to look at the camera!

Kaydence, Rustin, Kyndall, Ryder and Kassidy---I am not sure what was so interesting about the fence!

Oops--prop overboard! I think it is funny how all the babies put their feet up on the chair in front of them.

The Final Result: July's Calendar Picture

August—192 Pictures taken

By the time we took the baby pool picture, it was well into September and baby pools were hard to come by. We were lucky to find the frog pool on clearance at Target for only $3! The lighting in the backyard was not very good, and there were lots of strange shadows from the trees, so we had to set up the backdrop behind me to create some shade.

Ryder was so fascinated by the frog eyeballs

Kaydence hates pools and she hates pictures, so this was a double whammy for her!

Once again, Rustin is doing his best to dive out of the pool!

The Final Result: August's Calendar Picture

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♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I look at these pictures...
and think
try, try, again.
how you didn't give up I will never know... what an accomplishment.
Very, very cute kids...
even more so when they sleep.

gilloth/Edina said...

I wonder how you get the babies smile I thin it must be really hard work, esp. with Kaydence.. hats off! :)

The Queen Vee said...

Your calendar outtakes postings are like looking at the "Extra Features" on a DVD movie. So fascinating and fun to see how each photo was arranged and shot. I still think an outtakes calendar would be a hit.

I have to say after the lastest multiple news from California that I'd rather be trying to take pictures of five than eight. Eight babies at once just leaves me stunned and breathless.

Crazy Granny said...

Well, all I can say is that you are a mom in a billion.

Schauers Hours said...

Funny! I didn't notice before the babies legs sticking striaight out on the stroller but that is hilarious. And Kaiya is such a knock out! I love those pictures of her.

awesome person said...

i notice with the June pictures you have 2 pictures of Kaydence and none of Kassidy. cute kids

Heather Marie said...

Awwwww you have the cutest kids ever!! :) It looks like you guys have a blast taking all those photos!!

lindsay Roscoe said...

The top piture is priceless!! They all made me laugh out loud. You guys are so awesome!!

Elle said...

OMG, Rachelle, these made me laugh so hard... Am so proud of you for doing a calendar... I just can't even imagine!


Anonymous said...

Kaiya's Hawaiian picture is GORGEOUS! She is such a pretty girl! I love the out-takes. (They look very similar to so many of the photos I take of the triplets!) Too Funny!

Kristen Duke said...

I love all the outtakes! Esp. the ones i wasn't there for, because I get to experience it a bit. You have a great memory about the waterfall day--that my brother and his wife were here. I had forgotten that. I like that you said Kassidy was crying because the waterfall wasn't falling:)

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! These are such adorable pictures! Going to peek at your calendar now!!!!
So glad I just found your blog :)

Sandra said...

I love the stories behind the pictures! LOL at how many shots it takes to get 1 good one.