Monday, March 19, 2007

The Results are In, but Some Babies Demand a Recount

I had another ultrasound on Friday with my OB, and the babies look great! It is amazing how much more detail we could see on this ultrasound compared to the one we had 3 weeks ago. All the babies appear to be growing normally and have good heartbeats. I am doing well and my body is not doing anything it shouldn't (like preparing for labor). The ultrasound tech tried to determine the gender of the babies, but some babies were more cooperative than others. As of now, it looks like Baby A is a girl, Babies B and C are very modest, and Babies D and E are boys. I have an appointment with the specialist this week, so hopefully B and C will be a little bit more accommodating!

Baby A--Girl

Baby B

Baby C

Baby D--Boy

Baby E--Boy

We should also have a video clip from the ultrasound up on our website ( sometime soon.



Mama Knucker Hatch said...

Wonderful news on your ultrasound! I've got my pink monopoly money on the "modest" two.

Rachel said...

They are so cute! How exciting! You guys are going to have lots of fun choosing five names.

The Willoughbys said...

Well at least you know they're not all boys! :) That's cool that they can tell this early!

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

And to think that we were shocked when they counted a Baby B and C! I can only imagine your shock at a B, C, D AND E!!!!

It's probably a good thing they have you laying down when they do those ultrasounds, eh?? :)

Congratulations on your pregnancy & positive ultrasound!!

Girl said...

How very cool!