Monday, November 26, 2007

Blessing Day

This week was full of "firsts" for the quints. First Thanksgiving, first restaurant outing, first visit from Uncle Colby and Uncle Ryan (my brothers), first giggles, and first time to church. Because of the threat of RSV and other illnesses, we had not taken the babies to church before. This Sunday, however, there was a special event in the lives of the quints that took place at church.

In our church, new babies are given a blessing within a few months of their birth. This is a very special occasion. The babies are typically dressed in white and the blessing is often given by the father. To find out more about baby blessings, visit:

This past Sunday was the day that we had our babies blessed. The girls were dressed in beautiful white gowns that were made by Jayson's mother, Sylvia, and his aunt, Linda. The boys looked equally handsome in their little white outfits. Several family members from out of town came for the babies blessings. My parents and Jayson's parents were here to witness the blessings, as well as my Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Rick and cousins Ashlyn and BrieAnne (whom I lived with while I was in Arizona). My sister-in-law, Tobi also drove in from Killeen to be there. In addition to family and ward members, some of our other friends: Cassaundra, Ellis, Troy, and Kelly, were also present. It was so wonderful to have so many family members there for this occasion!

The blessings were given by Jayson. There was such a sweet feeling that was present during the blessings. After the blessings, my mom, cousin Ashlyn and Riley and Kaiya sang a song written by my Aunt Jeanie. The song was so beautiful and it was overwhelming to hear Riley and Kaiya singing the chorus. When I looked around after the song, I noticed that I was not the only teary-eyed one in the congregation. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

Friends and family who came to the blessings.






The quint's first restaurant outing to Rudy's BBQ (for more details, see Jayson's Blog)



Preemie Twins' Nanny said...

They look beautiful! Happy and growing - I hope you are all doing as well as they look like you are. Have a great week.

Jane said...

The babies are beautiful - and look adorable for their blessing! I envy and admire you for your lovely family.
For information's sake to those who may not know: It's certainly not typical nor expected for a baby to wear white at their blessing in the LDS church. Not like a baptism or marriage where white clothing is required.

Schauers Hours said...

Wish I could have been there! How long did it take? How beautiful their outfits are. LOVE the calendar, put one on hold for me!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys sure none of the babies are identical?
In the Calendar photos, 2 of the girls look amazingly alike, although I'm not sure which two.
Anyway, Good job, and good luck!

BethE said...

They are so beautiful! I am in awe of your wonderful family. Thank you for sharing!

takemetohawaii said...

What a sweet special day! I'm glad it went well. The outfits are so gorgeous!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

What a wonderful day! I love baby blessings. I second schauers hours' question, "how long did it take?". It had to take up at least half of sacrament, right? :)

Kellie said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures of them in their outfits for their blessing. They look like they're growing so much!!

lindsay Roscoe said...

Wow what a day. My husband did our twins and niece whi is 22 hrs older then the boys on the same day it was AWSOME! I can't imagine how 5 would be. There outfits are all so lovely I can't believe the girls dresses are homemade they are amazing. They are so adorable but Rustin has such an adorable look he looks like Riley to me. And restraunt AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

That would have really been an awesome day to visit your ward. Wish I had been there. They all look precious.

Mama M said...

I'm sure they do not seem like angels when they are projectile vomiting, or have pooped through twelve outfits in one afternoon, but those things are just temporal and temporary. I think that your beautiful photographs capture that these are five sweet angels in your midst. Even on the most hectic days, don't forget to cherish the time that they are on loan to you. Congratulations on a beautiful blessing day!

The Mama Hood said...

That is so awesome, what a neat experience it must have been to be there! The comments about how long it took are so funny..good thing it was fast and! Love your blog and the pictures of the kids! You are one supermom! I am sure lots of prayer helps a lot! Aloha!