Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Now Shipping!

The 2008 Wilkinson Quints Calendar is now available and orders are being shipped as they are received! To order the calendar, visit:

The website has also been updated to show thumbnails of each months picture. I know I am just a little biased, but I think the calendar is totally adorable. Have you been wondering what to get for that person that has everything? This calendar would make a great Christmas gift! OK--that is the end of my calendar plug for this week.

In other news.....

This week we had a visit from Dr. Candice Park, the resident who delivered the babies. (Dr. Elliott was my primary care doctor, but I was at a teaching hospital and the residents are the ones who do the actual deliveries). She had a week of vacation and chose to spend half of it with us! We had such a great time visiting with her. I am not sure how much of a vacation it was for her, since she spent her whole time holding babies, playing with Riley and Kaiya, and making all kinds of wonderful treats.

Candice with Ryder, Kaydence, Kyndall, Rustin and Kassidy

While Candice was here, we took advantage of the extra help and pulled out all of our Christmas decorations. I just love the way the house feels when all the Christmas stuff is up! Of course putting up Christmas decorations, like everything else, takes longer when you have five babies. We were still in the process of putting up decorations on Monday, when Jayson's Aunt Victoria arrived, so she helped us finish the job.

Today was the babies four-month doctor visit. The doctors are amazed at how well the babies are doing. Developmentally the babies are exactly where they are supposed to be for their age. Their height and weight still have a bit of catching up to do, however. Here are the most recent measurements:

Kassidy: 11 lb 13 oz, 23 inches tall
Kaydence: 10 lb 8 oz, 22.25 inches tall
Rustin: 12 lb 6.5 oz, 23 inches tall
Kyndall: 8 lb 15 oz, 21.75 inches tall
Ryder: 12 lb 1 oz, 23.25 inches tall

The worst part of the doctor visit was all the shots!! Twenty-five, to be exact. Each baby had four standard immunizations and the synergis shot for RSV. Needless to say, the babies were not very happy about being poked so many times. The upside to the shots and doctor visit, however, is that after we got home and gave everyone some Tylenol, the babies took a great nap!


Kristen Joy said...

Yay! Glad the Dr. visit went well! How fun to see your Dr. with all the babies:) Who wouldn't want to spend their vacation with such cuteness?????

Anonymous said...

How great the baby's delivery doctor spent some time with all of you!!

I can't believe how big they are!!

Jennifer said...

They are growing great. My daughter was 5 lbs 5.6 oz 18 1/4" long at birth and 12 lbs 1 oz, 22 1/4" long at four months. I can't believe all your little ones are catching up so fast. Tears and all, that's a great pictures with the dr.

Kelly said...

How exciting that the doc came for a visit. She's got to be so proud of that delivery.

Love the arrived yesterday. I smiled at the turn of every page. I hope this will be a yearly tradition. Thanks!

Spymommy said...

What a great doctor and friend! The calendar is so cute and I can't wait for my mom to bring mine to me! Hope she's putting some extra kisses on those babies for me!

takemetohawaii said...

25 shots!? What would we do without Tylenol? LOL! :) I'm glad they are doing so well. They are just perfect! What a neat thing that Candice could come visit for a few days.

CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

The quints R cute! I wish Rachelle would post more but I know how busy she must be with the hollidays and 7 kids. Way 2 go Rachelle and hope to hear from U soon! :)

lindsay Roscoe said...

I do not know how you do it!

nailgirl said...

Coming out of lurdome to say hi! I love your blog, your family is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

the photos are very cute!
Have a very Merry Christmas.
Diane W
Good Sam 96