Monday, January 21, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions, Set 2

Ryder, Kassidy, Kaydence, Kyndall and Rustin

Below are answers to all the questions that were asked in the comments of my last blog.

Q: Does having all girls K and all boys R make your mommy brain go crazy?’

A: Not yet. Ask me again when they are all two, getting into everything, and I am constantly using their names----I might change my mind then!

Q: How does your stomach recover from a pregnancy like that? Those of us with singletons complain of the pizzadough do you shrink your skin back?

A: You don’t!!! My doctor says the only way it will fully recover is with a tummy tuck. I definitely have the “pizza dough” tummy. My scar from the c-section is down on the bottom and everything kind of lops over the top of that. (Sorry if that was more detail than you wanted!)

Q: Did you attempt nursing or pumping or anything like that? What was that like?

A: Yes, I attempted to pump after the babies were born but my milk never really came in. At best I was getting about 2 oz out at a time. For the first month, the babies were getting about one bottle a day of my breast milk. By about 2 months, my supply had dwindled so that I was only get out 20 mls (that’s about 2/3 ounce) out at a time. At that point, I finally had to “throw in the towel” and give up. I felt bad about it at first because I really wanted to give my babies the advantages of breast milk, but I eventually came to terms with the fact that my body couldn’t produce milk and adequately take care of five babies!

Q: Do you plan on having anymore children?

A: No! We are happy with what we have!

Q: What's a typical day like in your house?

A: The answer to this question would be a post all by itself! I will answer in an upcoming post.

Q: Do you ever get a chance to have time to yourself? What do you enjoy doing? Shopping, reading?

A: Thanks to some really great friends and volunteers, I do get to get out every once in a while and do things! I love to shop, read, go to movies, go out to eat, etc. In my previous life I was a recipe junkie, and I liked to try new recipes. My favorite person to shop with is my mom, my favorite books lately are the Twilight series (that is about all I have had time to read since I had the babies), my favorite movie that I have seen recently is “Enchanted”, my favorite movies of all time are “Pride and Prejudice” (the long A&E version) and “While You Were Sleeping”, and my favorite place to eat is The Cheesecake Factory.

Q: I'm wondering if there are companies who donate stuff to you?

A: There are a few companies who have programs for multiples. If you send in the babies’ birth certificates, they will send you a few coupons. Babies R Us will give a 10 percent discount for buying two or more of the same item at the same time (only for big things like cribs, strollers, high chairs, etc.). Most of our donations have come from people, not from companies. Enfamil is the exception—they have a “helping hands for special kids” program and they are sending us formula for the first year. This is a HUGE help to us---it saves us about $800 per month since the babies are on a preemie formula that is more expensive and doesn’t have generics.

Q: What comes to mind when you think about them all going to college?

A: Since I am planning on them all being child geniuses and getting full-ride scholarships, I am not too worried about it. Just kidding. The financial aspect of having seven kids, five at the same time, is a little daunting, but we will just do the best that we can. And we will hopefully instill a good work ethic in our kids so that they will be able to work and help pay for their education!

Q: How do you have enough time for each and every one of them individually?

A: I try to make sure that I feed each of the babies at least once a day, so I can have some one-on-one cuddle time with each of them. I also get to bath each of individually (we do baths every three days). Right now my whole day is pretty much devoted to the babies, so I don’t think it is so hard to give each one some individual attention. As they get older, I think it will become more difficult. I have a harder time making sure that I give my older kids the attention they need.

Q: I have twins, and find it hard to bond with them as individuals. Have you felt a bond yet? Or are you still in "survival" mode?

A: I feel like I have bonded with each of the babies. Their personalities are all so distinct and different, that there is something different to love about each of them.

Q: I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with triplets and wondering what your doctors did to make you feel comfortable other than the hydrotherapy, mine has proscribed a massage therapist?

A: Wow—a massage therapist would have been nice! Other than they hydrotherapy in the hospital (and the swimming pool at home) there wasn’t a lot more they could do. I used lots of pillows to sleep with and they put these funny balloon things on my legs to help with the swelling. My aunt gave me a foot massage almost every day, which was wonderful.

Q: I know with three my cravings have gone out of control, was wondering what some of your favs. were & if you were able to get them in the hospital.

A: It was really ironic that while I was pregnant and on a 5000 calorie/day diet where I could eat anything, that I really didn’t crave or want a lot of my usual favorite indulgences (most of them involving chocolate). In the beginning of the pregnancy, I craved Jack-in-the-Box milkshakes, but those got old pretty quick. By the end of the pregnancy, the only thing I really craved is potatoes---baked potatoes mostly, but also mashed. I ordered a baked potato nearly every day with my meals in the hospital.

My cousin, Heather, came for six days to help with the babies. We tried to take advantage of the great weather by going on a walk.

Solid foods here we come....
These high chairs were generously given to us by my mom's Naperville, IL friends at a "Quint Mimi" shower. Don't they look great? They fit perfectly along the back wall of the kitchen---that is until the food fights begin. So far we haven't utilized the chairs too much for feeding, but that will soon change.

Kaiya's preschool gave a little concert this week. She was expecially excited about this number, where they got to wear sunglasses.

During the middle of the performance, Riley lost his first tooth! What timing!



The Murray Crew said...

Funny, we get the SAME questions! =) That post was super nice of you, Rachelle - Inquiring Minds just have to know I realize! Glad to see you and the gang are doing so remarkably well!

Anonymous said...

How exciting he lost his first tooth!! Kaiya looks like she's having a blast :)

Love the shot of all the babies in their high chairs.

I love reading all your answers!

Mindy said...

Your family is entirely too cute!!!

takemetohawaii said...

It's funny how they tend to lose those teeth at the funniest moments. How fun! Kaiya is too cute in those glasses. The babies are getting so big! These Q&A posts are fun.

Schauers Hours said...

Oh what a fun picture of me pushing those babies! That was so fun, I miss you!

Jessica said...

Your babies are beautiful!

Becky said...

These FAQ's are fascinating to read!

All 7 of your children are beautiful! I admire you for being able to do it!

Tobi Wilkinson said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer all those questions. It's fun to read about all your experiences with seven kids. I love all the pictures!

Mauzy Fam said...

I love the question and answers! I am big on routine/schedule-ing with babies. You might answer this when you tell a typical day - but I'll ask anyway. Q: Are your babies sleeping through the night yet? Do they go down and learn to fall asleep on their own?

Amy Thackeray said...

I love reading about your life! I have no comprehension of everything you do so the FAQ's are wonderful. Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your lives with others.

Kim said...

Thank you for sharing. I have been following your blog since the babies were first born, and had to go back and read your whole story from start to current. I check every day (no kidding!) for updates, and it always brightens my day to see a new post on yours or Jayson's blog. I don't think anyone could have been more deserving than your amazing family for this wonderful miracle. You are an inspiration to us all. Jayson's video's are so much fun, and I love all of the cute pictures of your 7 beautiful children. Just FYI, Jaysons blog talked more about sleep training today and answers part of the question from Mauzy Fam.

Misty said...

I to have followed your journey for a long time since before the babes were born. I eagerly look for new posts. All SEVEN of the kids are just beautiful!! Usually in a group of kids I hate to say but you KNOW its true there is at least one, that well just isn't as adorable shall we say LOL but yours are all just beautiful. I love seeing new pictures of them.

I am a mother of ONE so I to have NO clue what its like to have so many kids. I have carried twins twice (currently 32 weeks with twins) for friends who have been unable to carry themsleves so I know what its like to carry more than one and twins is hard enough I can't IMAGINE what it was like for you. My back and feet and legs ache so bad and I never sleep, I think of you and think ggeesshhh who am I to complain!! You must have been miserable!!

May God continue to bless you and you family!! Thank you so much for sharing your Q&As with us I love reading them!!

Kelly said...

Great pictures. I just love your little babies.

Mama M said...

It has been really fun to read these past two posts. Thank you for being so brave to share so much of yourselves!

We got our copy of BYU MAGAZINE yesterday and were tickled to see your sweet family smiling at us on page 53. All nine of you are a credit to the university! Loved the photograph of the falling over babies in their "My first BYU shirts!"

(And did you hear the rumor that BYU is changing the motto from "Enter to learn, Go forth to serve" to: "Enter to learn, go forth to reproduce")

Keep smiling!

Erickson 5 said...

I love your blog and thanks for sharing your life with quints. I am the mother to 3.5 year old triplets. Multpiles are such a blessing! I have a quint mom in my triplets and more support group so I will have to forward your blog address on to her. She has 5 BOYS!

Kristen Joy said...

His tooth came out in the middle of the concert??? Wow, he must have been tugging...our son needed assistance both times.

Loved all your answers:) The high chairs and stroller shot is really cute.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing; your story is amazing! Just curious who the Naperville friends are. I grew up here in the Naperville 1st ward and moved back a few years ago, but now in the 4th ward.

Matt said...

I loved the emphatic "No" response that was given to the question: "Are you planning on having anymore kids?" It made me laugh out loud. Were I in your position I think my response would be, "Are you insane?!"

Anonymous said...

Your story is amazing, I wish you the best of luck they are going to be a handful when they get older. Wanted to know if you were in a lot of pain twards the end of your pregnancy? You said you gained 69lbs were you surprised that you were able to gain that much? How often did you eat in the hospital? How supportive was the hospital staff to you? And what one thing would you do over if you could? were there any other mothers of mults. you could talk with in the hospital?

Christina said...

WOW! I found your blog off of Google reader. I am so glad I did. All your children are beautiful and I look forward to following along on your journey!!!