Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

Our 4th of July festivities were pretty typical: Riley and Kaiya rode their bikes in the neighborhood parade and we had a few friends over for dinner. We all tried to look festive for the occasion in our matching Flag Tee's. At our house, matching shirts = Kodak moment, so here are a few pictures from the day!

All the kids: Kaydence, Kassidy, Kaiya, Rustin, Riley, Kyndall and Ryder

Kaiya and Kyndall


All 7 kiddo's playing together (and no one is fighting, so it was definitely a picture worthy moment :-) )

The Wilkinson Fam: Rustin, Kaiya, Kassidy, Rachelle Kyndall Jayson, Kaydence, Riley and Ryder

Our Traditional 4th of July Porch Picture: Rustin, Ryder, Riley, Rachelle, Kassidy, Jayson, Kaydence, Kyndall and Kaiya



Apis Melliflora said...

Fantastic pictures of everyone. Warms my heart. Great T-shirts! Old Navy?

The Queen Vee said...

What a star spangled red white and blue truly American family and everyone of them so good looking.

As Samantha is now in the home stretch of her pregnancy and very uncomfortable I keep reminding her that carrying one is nothing compared to carrying five. Two years later and we are still in awe of what you did Rachelle to bring your beautiful children into this world. You deserve your very own fireworks show every year in celebration of your accomplishment.

Rachelle said...

Apis--The shirts are from Walmart. It is hard to beat $3 Flag Tee's!

Crazy Granny said...

You guys are the bee's knees. That's one way of say you are the coolest.

awesome person said...

at my cookout i had the same cake what kind was yours?

Rachelle said...

Awesome Person--Mine was actually a Jello, not a cake. I did a layer of red jello, then a layer of blue jello, then I topped it off with Cool Whip and the fruit. I didn't really count things as I put them on, so my flag isn't really "anatomically correct".

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful pictures. Definitely good Kodac moments.
Oh and I love the cake! lol


awesome person said...

rachelle i am only 10 years old and wish i could have a little sister or brother just like yours

awesome person said...

also i would love to meet you

Kristen said...

Look at that happy group picture!! Mathching is always a Kodak moment! Seriously, I would love to do a 2 yr. photo shoot. Fun to hang out with you last week, I like talking with you:)