Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch---Revisited!

This weekend we went back to the pumpkin patch at Sweet Berry Farms. This time, Riley and Kaiya got to come. We also had my friend Brenda's kids with us---Joe and Luvinia. I have taken the kids to the pumpkin patch every year for the past five years, but I didn't realize that Jayson had never been before. Something has always come up that prevented him from going in the past.
When GG and I took the babies a couple of weeks ago, there was hardly anybody there---maybe 10 cars in the parking lot. This time was a whole different story! The place was PACKED!! Hundreds of people were there. The parking lot was overflowing and several cars had to park on the street. We had to wait in long lines to get tickets for the Hayride and other activities, but it was worth it. Everyone had a great time!
Kassidy, Ryder, Kyndall and Kaydence check out the pumpkins

Kaiya and Riley

Rustin and Ryder try to figure out how to overthrow Kaiya and take over the tractor

Riley hides in the corn field. He and Joe enjoyed finding their way through the corn field maze.

Luvinia helps Ryder and Rustin drive the boat.


Luvnia and Kyndall

Kyndall peaks through the slats of the old trailer.

Ryder takes a turn peaking out



Jayson spent most of the time behind the video camera---hopefully he will make a WQ+2 episode with all the footage!

Riley found a huge pile of hay to jump in

Jayson and I pose by an old truck, surrounded by Kaiya, Kaydence and Rustin. We met Jayson's brother, Joel and his family at the pumpkin patch. My sister-in-law Tobi took this picture, but unfortunately we didn't get any pictures with them! They were a little late getting there, so we didn't get so spend as much time with them as we would have liked.

Kaiya, Kassidy, Ryder, Rustin and Kaydence wait for the hayride.

While waiting for the hayride, we ran into Kristen Duke.

The Hayride! Jayson, Rustin, Kassidy, Ryder, Kaydence, Luvinia, Kyndall and Kaiya

Ryder, Kyndall, Kassidy and Rustin walk up and down the aisles of flowers. Notice Kassidy's backpack---she found it in Kaiya's room last week and it has become a permanent attachment to her back. She eats with it, sleeps with it and would probably bathe with it if I let her :-)

The flowers were so pretty and there were butterflies everywhere.

More flowers...

Kaiya enjoyed filling a cup full of flowers to take home. She also made sure each of the little girls got a flower in "their" color

Kassidy (with her purple flower)

Luvinia and Kyndall (Luvinia is holding Kyndall's pink flower)

Kaydence with yellow flowers

We also ran into Kaiya's friend, Vivian. Really, I think the whole city of Austin decided to go to the farm that day!



Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Such adorable pictures! What a fun day. :)

Halli Matheny said...

We went on Saturday too! It was crowded but very fun! My kids spent an hour in the maze. :)

The Queen Vee said...

Looks like it was worth the second trip. As always love the pics!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Where is Jayson's blog (and thus the WQ+2 video when it appears?) That's one thing I miss with your updated website.

Maaike van Oosterom said...

I love the picture of Kyndall peaking through the slats, and the 1st picture of just Kaydence. What am I talking about? I love ALL the pictures! :) Looks like you had a great day!

HST said...

Awesome pic's!

MAckenzie said...

I have a question to be answered on WQ+2 Ok Do you ever go outside if you do what kinds of toys do you play with?
I'm Mackenzie from Erie, PA

Kristen said...

why oh why did I strike that pose? i like tyler's smile in the background. i love the tongues sticking out and the little girl at the end--her shirt is really cute! so fun to see you there, haven't looked at mine yet....

Andrea said...

Your kids are sooo cute! It looks like Kaiya and her friend planned to meet up that day, what with their matching skirts!

jennifer said...

very cute photos. you are inspiring me to take my four....if you can take your whole brood we should be able to handle it :)

and i may have to jump in and plan the next 'triplet plus' mom's dinner so we can all catch up. i miss exchanging stories and getting advice.

maybe you can give me some baby girl hair tips. your girls always look so cute, i can't get my lily to let me put anything in her hair and it just lays in her face.

Janice said...

I LOVE Zinnias. Top ten of flowers for me...