Monday, February 22, 2010

Blast from the Past--Outtakes from the 2009 Calendar

As I was looking back at some old posts, I realized that I never posted the third set of outtakes for the 2009 calendar, so I thought I would take a journey back in time this week. This is more for me than anyone else, since this is also my"journal". It fun to look back at these pictures----I can't believe how much they have changed! My babies really are growing up!

September—454 pictures taken (yikes! I think that has to be some kind of record!)

This was one of my favorite pictures to take. We shot each baby individually and then used Photoshop to put them all together. It is really hard to get all five babies to look good all at the same time, so taking them one at a time is a lot easier! At first the babies were pretty wary of the tub. Some of them were afraid to get anywhere near it. Once they warmed up to the idea, though, they thought it was fun (and so did we!). One behind the scenes secret—I only had three pairs of overalls, so most of the babies are wearing the same pair of overalls in the pictures.


Kaydence, who finally cooperated once we pulled out the Cheerios bribe

Kyndall, Kassidy and Kaydence

Ryder and Rustin. We could not keep Rustin in the tub for anything----the second we put him in, he would dive out!



Kaiya and Riley

The Final Result: September 2009 Calendar Picture

October—77 pictures taken

Originally, the M&M picture was not supposed to be in the calendar. I already had 12 months worth of pictures and we were working on the calendar layout when my friend, Kristen Duke, offered to come take pictures of the quints in their Halloween costumes. The pictures turned out so cute that I decided it had to be in the calendar! I let my family vote on which picture we should leave out so that the M&M picture could be included.

Kyndall, Kassidy, Kaydence, Ryder & Rustin---they all look a little dazed because we got out the portable DVD player to get them to sit still. Kassidy had a huge bruise on her nose (see this post to find out why), which we photoshopped out of the final picture.

Not even the DVD player was enough to keep Rustin still for long!

The tights were a little on the big side...

The Final Result: October 2009 Calendar Picture

November—50 Pictures Taken

The pumpkin patch pictures were taken at Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls. Ever since Riley was a baby, it has been our tradition to take pumpkin pictures. We lined the babies up on the haystacks and both my mom and I were snapping pictures as fast as we could while my sister-in-law, Tobi, was trying to get the babies to smile. By the time we finished, there was quite a crowd gathered to watch. The picture that we chose for the calendar was actually taken by my mom.

Ryder, Kyndall, Kassidy, Rustin and Kaydence

No one wanted to have their picture taken--they all wanted to eat the pumpkins instead.

Riley in the first-ever Wilkinson Pumpkin picture (2001)

Riley and Kaiya in a pre-quints pumpkin picture from 2005

The Final Result: November 2009 Calendar Picture

December—?? Pictures Taken (Kristen gave me 59 pictures, but I am sure she took more than that)

I think this picture is my favorite one from the whole calendar. Once again, we enlisted the help of super-photographer, Kristen Duke, to help us with the picture for December. We scheduled Kristen to come a couple of weeks ahead of time, but the night before the photo shoot, I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do for the picture! We had lots of ideas, but nothing that I was sold on yet. I was searching around on the Internet and found this Anne Geddes Picture (see below) and loved it, so we decided to do something similar. The next morning, I got up early and ran to Walmart and Hobby Lobby in search of white sheets, Santa hats and candy canes. Kristen stood on my bed to take the picture and my mom and I tried to get the babies to look in the right direction and keep from falling off the bed. In the picture we used for the calendar, my mom is actually under the sheet holding Rustin into place—he did NOT want to lay still!!

Anne Geddes Picture that was my inspiration

Kyndall, Rustin, Kaydence, Kassidy and Ryder

Rustin, Kyndall, Kaydence, Kassidy and Ryder

Rustin, Kyndall, Kaydence, Kassidy and Ryder

It was a toss up between this picture and the one we actually chose to be in the calendar. I loved Kassidy's smile in this one.

Kassidy, Kyndall, Rustin, Kaydence and Ryder

Always on the move

The Final Product: December 2009 Calendar Picture

****Blast from the Past Calendar Special***

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Tobi said...

The Santa hats are my favorite pictures. I love the babies serious faces.

By the way I agree that you have taken A LOT of pictures of the quints. =)

Anonymous said...

All seven kids have grown so much! They all look like such happy children. You're great parents.


P.S. I LOVE the pumpkin as a diaper. :-)

SchrefflerFamily said...

Your Rustin seems to be the active thread throughout... just like my Theodore! :)