Monday, November 1, 2010


The kids had a blast with Halloween this year! They were definitely old enough to "get it". They loved looking at all the Halloween decorations in people's yards, making their own Halloween crafts, and dressing up. And of course, they loved the CANDY. Last year, we took them trick-or-treating, but they didn't really care about the candy. This year was another story! They loved getting candy, with lollipop's being the favorite. We practiced saying "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank You" all week and they were so proud of themselves when they did it right. Last year Riley and Kaiya did not want to go along with any theme, but this year they wanted the quints to dress like them. The little girls were already planning on being fairies, since my mother-in-law made them cute skirts and shirts for the birthday and all I had to get to complete the outfit was wings wands. Kaiya had no problem going along with that idea. Riley wanted to be a ninja and talked Rustin and Ryder into wanting that too. They were hilarious doing their ninja moves.

Ryder, Riley and Rustin doing their "ninja" moves. It is amazing how much different Rustin looks when you cover up his red hair!

Kaydence, Kassidy and Kyndall---the little fairy princesses

Princess Fairy Kaiya

Ninja Riley

National Instruments, the company that Jayson works for, held a big family Halloween event. The kids loved playing the games and doing the crafts. This is the group shot with the photo background they had set up.

Doing crafts at the NI Halloween event----I thought it was funny that all the quints (with the exception of Kassidy) are all coloring with "their" color of crayon. This is so typical---I think I have branded them for life with these colors. When I asked Rustin what kind of candy he was going to get trick-or-treating, he quickly replied "blue ones!"

Halloween morning I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. The kids were so confused----they kept telling me that the pancakes did NOT look like pumpkins. I had to explain that the pumpkin was IN the pancakes.

With all the confusion at breakfast, I tried to make lunch a little more visually Halloween---we had mini mummy dogs and jack-o-lantern apple slices.

Kaiya, Riley, Rustin, Kassidy, Ryder, Kyndall and Kaydence....we did all our "Trick-or-Treating" this year at our church "Trunk-or-Treat" on Friday night. I was so excited to find pumpkin pails in all the quint's colors (except Kaydence who had to use orange, which isn't too far from yellow). Riley and Kaiya opted to carry pillowcases instead because they hold more :-)

It was so entertaining to watch the kids---their little personalities really came out. Kaydence was always lagging behind the rest, Kassidy always remembered to say "thank you" (and then made sure to tell me that she said it), Rustin ran from trunk to trunk and was super excited every time he got something, Ryder wanted to finely examine each piece of candy before he would put it in his bucket, and Kyndall was her usual sneaky self. When we got back to the car at the end of the night, Kyndall's bucket was fuller than all the other kids buckets, even though we went to the same number of trunks. While we were out, I noticed a few times that Kyndall would wait until the person handing out the treats was busy putting candy in someone elses bucket, then she would sneak her hand into the bowl and grab an extra handful for herself!



Crazy Granny said...

I can't believe that those skirts survived this long. They are all so adorable. I love the ninja poses. Those boys have come into their own when it comes to photos.

Stephanie said...

Very cute costumes! Happy Halloween!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

those are some plump pancakes! adorable kids all dressed up,too.

Spence Ohana said...

Those are great pics! Looks like all the kids had a fun Halloween!

Erin said...

Kassidy looks so much like your mum in the fairy picture of the three girls!