Friday, January 14, 2011

Krispie Treat Houses

Last Christmas we started something that has turned into a family tradition...instead of making gingerbread houses, we make rice krispie treat houses. Using mini-loaf pans, I mold the rice krispie treats into blocks, then cut them into "house" shapes. They hold up better than the traditional graham cracker version of the gingerbread house, and they taste a lot better (in my opinion!). Last year only Riley and Kaiya made one, but this year, all the kids were in on the fun.


Kaydence---the only one who didn't really get into the activity. She liked having a house, but she didn't want to put any frosting on it, and hence most of her decorations fell off!

Rustin--what a clown!







Stephanie said...

Those would taste better! I'll have to remember to try that next year.

Melissa said...

Great idea. My boys never eat the gingerbread house. And I always feel guilty just throwing it away. They would love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Tobi said...

Super Fantastic Idea! I recently convinced Alec and Cora into trying and liking rice crispy treats. Must try this next year.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Wow. Ryder looks so old in this picture -- like a little boy, not a toddler.