Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Life has been so crazy lately that I have just been living from one deadline to the next! I have lots of catching up to do on the blog, starting with Easter! Everyone was so excited about Easter this year. The quint are at a great age for holidays! They love everything about them. As soon as one holiday comes, they start asking me what the next one is going to be.

The night before Easter we had our traditional "egg-dying" party. This is the first year that we let the quints participate. Egg-dying is not really my kind of thing---I have a hard time getting past the visions in my head of stained clothes, floor, etc. But I know the kids love it, so I try to hide my anxiety :-) I also do my best to take all precautions---putting trash bag art smocks on the kids, doing the activity outside on a trash-bag covered table, etc. The kids had a blast!

Easter-egg Dying Party




Displaying their eggy art: Ryder, Rustin, Kaydence, Kassidy and Kyndall (notice how they all choose to dye the eggs in "their" color)

The whole crew

Easter Sunday we dressed up for church. Thanks to my brother's wedding last summer, everyone had matching outfits to wear

Ryder, Kassidy, Kaydence, Kyndall and Rustin








The goofballs

Riley and Kaiya

Riley and Kaiya did NOT want to do this pose, but I thought it was cute :-)

Riley and Jayson

Too Cool

Jayson & Rachelle

After church, the Easter Bunny paid us a visit during naptime. At our house, the Easter Bunny color codes all the eggs (even for Riley and Kaiya) that way every kid gets the same number of eggs and the older kids can have their eggs hidden in more difficult spots.

After the hunt: Kaydence, Rustin, Kyndall, Ryder and Kassidy

Riley and Kaiya

For Easter dinner, we went over to our friends, the Woods' house. The Woods kids spent a couple hours in the afternoon filling over 100 Easter eggs and hiding them in the yard for the quints to find. The kids were so excited about going on the hunt! They ran around filling their baskets with eggs until Kaydence discovered an ant in her basket. When we opened one of the eggs, it was crawling with ants! Instead of candy, the kids had filled the eggs with Cheetos's, which are apparently highly desired by ants and quints alike. We had to abandon the hunt and herd everyone back inside.

Rustin's basket of ants

Ryder's reaction when he found out his Easter eggs had been invaded by bugs

The kids all got new jammies in their Easter baskets. Rustin and Ryder got Buzz and Woody jammies---they LOVE them! Rustin will go up to Ryder and push one of the "buttons" on his chest and Ryder will say, "To infinity...and beyond!" and then Ryder will pull Rustin's "string" and Rustin will say "There's a snake in my boots!", then both of them will dissolve into gales of laughter. They are hilarious!



Crazy Granny said...

Cute as ever.

Stephanie said...

Cute outfits! You are smart to dye easter eggs outside. The last few pictures didn't show up for me, so I couldn't see Ryder's reaction to the ants. Definitely a sad ending to the egg hunt.

The Queen Vee said...

An ant egg filled Easter never to be forgotten. Everyone looks fab in their Easter duds.

Jennifer Tanner said...

I want to thank you for your blog. I have loved reading about your special children. Your faith and courage has amazed me.

Laura said...

Would you like yo upload some videos where the quints talk and so on?

Tiare said...

The last half of the pictures aren't showing up!!! But they all are adorable in the first pictures! Riley and Kaiya just seem so old to me now! I can't believe how big they all are getting!

tktakesphotos said...

The last half of the pictures aren't showing up for me either. Too bad I'm sure the "ant basket" was hysterical and slightly sad too.

Rachelle said...

Sorry about the pictures not showing up! I used Picasa to upload them this time, which I have never done before, and clearly something went wrong! I think I have fixed it now!

Cindi said...

Nice Blog , Very Nice Family..
Have a good one.