Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kaiya's Baptism and Mother's Day

Kaiya turned 8 this year, which means that she is old enough to get baptized. Due to scheduling conflicts, the first day after her birthday that would work for everyone was May 8th, which also happened to be Mother's Day! Kaiya was so excited.

Kaiya was being such a turkey when I tried to take her picture before the baptism---She did not want to cooperate. I kind of liked this more candid shot of her, though.

I threw this picture in to show the back of the dress. Her dress was absolutely beautiful---it was made by a very dear friend who does not want to be named (Here is a hint...if my family was "The Brady Bunch" she would be "Alice")

Outside the church before the baptism: Riley, Kaiya, Rachelle, Jayson, Kassidy, Ryder, Kaydence, Kyndall and Rustin

The whole fam with both sets of grandparents and my brother Ryan who all came for the baptism. It was awesome to have family come to support Kaiya on this special day!!

Kaiya in the dress she was actually baptized in. This was MY baptism dress when I was 8!

Kaiya with Jayson, who baptized her

The actual baptism was very nice. Jayson's mom gave a short talk on Baptism, and then Jayson led Kaiya into the font. I stood on the side by the entrance to the bathroom to help Kaiya when she came back out of the water. As I stood there, I saw all the quints with their faces pressed up against the plexi-glass looking down into the font---it was very cute, I wish I could have taken a picture. Kaiya was beaming as she came out of the water. After the baptism, Andrea Woods, a family friend sang a beautiful solo of "I Think When I Read That Sweet Story" and then Kaiya was confirmed by Jayson.

After the baptism: Kaiya with Mimi and Papa

Kaiya with Troy, Cassaundra and Ellis

I spent so much time behind the camera that I never got a picture of ME with Kaiya--Bummer!

After the baptism, we had everyone over to our house for refreshments---this was the refreshment table.

Kaiya with a baptism gift from Mimi

It was great that Kaiya's baptism fell on Mother's Day----that means we got to spend Mother's Day with both my mom and Jayson's mom---something that has never happened before! We invited a few more of our favorite moms (GG and Cassaundra) and their families over for Mother's Day dinner before the baptism. For anyone familiar with Cafe Rio, I made a copy-cat version of their Barbacoa Pork Salad----it was SO good---tasted just like the real thing! (I used the pork and dressing recipes from HERE and the cilantro-lime rice recipe from HERE, if anyone is interested.)

I was too busy running around and didn't get any pictures of a salad all made up, but this was the buffet line.

The quint table at dinner (the only parts of the "salad" they would eat were the tortilla, cheese and chips)

My brother Ryan, who lives in McAllen (about 5 hours from here) came up for the day. He is still a swinging bachelor, so he isn't quite used to the noise and chaos at my house, but the kids LOVE him :-)

Riley and I (He gave me the frying pan for Mother's Day)

Me and my mom

Kaiya and Riley with Grandma Wilkinson (Jayson's Mom)



Tina Michelle said...

Happy Birthday (even though it is late) to your little girl. That looks like such a lovely celebration. I love that family pic of you all!

tktakesphotos said...

How on earth do you do all this? Do you sleep? Ever? I barely do a 1/3 of what you do and I can't believe you pull it off with twice as many children. May I humbly bow and scrape at your feet?

Spence Ohana said...

How sweet she wore your baptism dress too! My daughter wore mine when I took pics of her to send out with the invites but it barely fit her (it was an infant dress, and she was a big baby :). Looks like a lovely celebration! Great family shots!

Louise said...

As we say in Brazil, Kaiya was a little doll. May God bless your life. Congratulations Rachelle, the beautiful family. Always put them in my prayers, I like the following example for the family that one day I will.

The Queen Vee said...

As always Rachelle, terrific pictures. Miss Kaiya looked beautiful on her special day. Please tell Virginia that the dress is absolutely gorgeous.....she is an amazing woman. It looks to me like you had a perfect Mother's Day and you deserved it.

Mary Lynn said...

So are both yours and Jasons extended families LDS? Just curious. I remember when I chose to be baptised (i was a teenager), and feeling that lack of support. It made a time of great joy in my life one of isolation. It's so amazing to see a little one getting baptised, with her whole family standing next to her, supporting her so fully. The light in her eyes tells me she knows she has made the right decision for herself, and is proud to let others know. I felt a little embarrassed around my family because of it, even though I knew it was true with all of my heart. She isn't embarrassed at all (rightly so!), she stands tall. I really respect Kaiya for that. There is so much beauty in that little gal, it's amazing. So, to Kaiya: thank you for your quiet confidence and love for all those around you. I'm 21, and i'm still looking up to you- that means a lot. You are an amazing young woman. Congrats on your baptism! Continue doing what you know in your heart is right.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I was wondering what religon you follow, because I am Christian and we get baptized as an infant a few months after we are born. Do people in your church always get baptized at eight or do you get to choose when you are baptized?

Rachelle said...

Hi "Anonymous"---We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In our church, we believe that you don't need to get baptized (because you are not capable of sinning) until you are old enough to be accountable for your actions (8 years old in most cases), so 8 is the typical age for baptism.