Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday Kaiya!!



She’s cute and fun and really smart,

She swims, she reads, she draws fine art,

Now she’s 12 and getting tall,

Today is her birthday….that is all!




The American Girl Magazine just did an article on Kaiya for their March/April issue (coincidentally coinciding with her birthday).  You can read the article below (or get your own copy---I found some at Target)!  I thought it was a fantastic article!


American Girl Page 1American Girl Page 2American Girl Page 3American Girl Page 4

American Girl--Outtake



Mother of the Wild Boys said...

What a great article. It's so fun to see how grown up all of the 7 Wilkinson kids are now. The quints are blessed to have such an awesome big sister. Happy 12th birthday Kaiya!

Angela said...

That was such a fun article to read. Thanks for sharing it!

Colleen said...

Nice article. How fun! Happy birthday Kaiya!

Anonymous said...

That's a great article and happy belated birthday kaiya. Hope you had an amazing day.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Kaiya! 12 is a brilliant age :)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Kaiya! You're a beautiful little woman!
Good article! They have grown a lot!

K said...

Happy Birthday, Kaiya! I know you'll have a lot of fun in Beehives. I'm going to get my girls' American Girl magazine and check out the article.