Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Tribute to My Mom

Betty Ann Curtis aka "World's Greatest Mom"

Top Ten Reasons Why My Mom is the BEST!!!

10. She is super-organized. I have learned a lot from her, and being organized is the only thing that has kept me sane with all these babies!

"Mimi" with Kaydence, Kassidy, Rustin, Ryder and Kyndall

9. She is the ultimate multi-tasker

Mimi with Kassidy, Kaydence and Rustin

8. Growing up, she drove me (and my 5 other siblings) to all of our extra-curricular activities. She was our biggest cheerleader and almost never missed a performance, game, meet, etc. that any of us was in.

Rachelle, Mom, Tiare (my sister) Other siblings not pictured: McKay, Colby, Ryan and Shane

7. When it comes to finding bargains, my mom is amazing.

Mimi and Papa with Ryder, Kassidy, Kyndall, Kaydence and Rustin. (The outfits the babies are wearing were only $5.)

She makes magnificent meals in the microwave. Until I went to college, I didn’t even know that “normal” people brown ground beef on the stove

Family always came first with my mom. She made sure that we read scriptures and had prayer together as a family every day. We also had “Family Home Evening” every week.

The Curtis Family (minus Colby) in Summer 2006

4. Any moment can become a Kodak moment when my mom is around.

Our first trip to Rudy's BBQ with my mom and brother Ryan.

3. She is a good friend—she listens and gives good advice.

2. She is a terrific “Mimi” (what the grandkids call her)

Kaiya, Mimi and Riley at Ed Debevic's in Chicago.

1. She has been incredibly supportive. From the moment that I told her that we were expecting quintuplets, my mom has been there for me. She provided emotional support during the ups and downs of the pregnancy and she spent a large chunk of her summer taking care of Riley and Kaiya while I was on bedrest (in the middle of trying to sell her house and put on a huge family reunion).

My mom and I the day before delivery.

Since the babies were born, she has come nearly every month for 10-14 days at a time to help take care of the babies. She has sacrificed a lot in her own life to be there for me, and I am so grateful for her. I could not have asked for a better mother---she is the BEST!!!

Back: Mom, Rachelle Middle: Kaydence, Kassidy, Rustin, Kyndall Front: Ryder



Cassaundra said...

WOW! I agree with you Rachelle, you are truly blessed to have such a incredible and wonderful mom! You both are amazing!

Two Lines On a Stick said...

Your post today made me smile. My daughter has that same purple Carter's dress, and the same Thanksgiving outfit :) Happy mother's day!

Collegegirl said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! You are such an amazing woman!!! With your 7 kiddos, I hope you have an amazing Mother's Day!!!

takemetohawaii said...

That was such a beautiful post. Happy Mother's Day to both of you!!! I can tell how awesome she is and I KNOW that you are just as awesome. ;)

Kristen said...

I love your mom, too! She is a spectacular lady and I loved reading all the many great things about her. I also loved seeing you and your fam (dads/siblings)...I love the pict of you and her and your sister.

Bloggy Mama said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful tribute! Happy Mothers Day!

Viviane said...

What a nice post!!! I bet your mom loved it!

Happy Mother's Day to both of you!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to your Mom. She is a beautiful lady and sounds like a fantastic mother.

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!!

Kelly said...


That pic of you and your mom before you have the quints is AMAZING!

The Brown Bunch said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! I love to read your makes me giggle and know that there are those out there that have more kiddos than me (triplet girls 15 months old). CONGRATS!!!!

Theriault Family said...

you're mom is awesome... i love chatting with her when she's in town!

KAT said...

You look so much like your mom!

Bates Family said...

You are lucky!!! She is a great mom!!! Very cute!!! I love all the photos!!!!

Maureen Arnold said...

Aren't MOMS the best. You are so lucky to have a great mom. Its funny the things we appreciate about our mothers the older we get, and as we become mothers ourselves. I hope you had a wonderful mothers day! LOL


BethE said...

How sweet! Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom! You have her eyes!

Anonymous said...


The Queen Vee said...

A lovely Mother's Day Tribute from one extraordinary mom to another. Loved the pics, love those kids, love you.

Amy North said...

Hey Rachelle, I really liked this post about your mom. She certainly is a neat lady. :) And I also wanted to let you know, because you asked me to, we're having another boy! Kenn is extremely thrilled that he was right, and it should be fun to have 2 little boys running around. Chaotic, but fun, right? :)

Mike and Debbie said...

I will agree with you on do have a terrific mom....and you take after her as well. Happy belated mother's day!!

Schauers Hours said...

That post made me cry, you do have a great mom, and I think you are a great mom too.

Mandy said...

Hi! I saw your photo in the BYU magazine and just happened upon your blog today while hopping around multiples blogs. I have a 4-yr-old and 2-yr-old triplets. You have such a beatiful family and a really nice blog. I wondered if you'd mind me adding you to my blogroll?

I graduated from BYU in Aug. of 2000. Feel free to stop by my blog (in your spare time- HA HA)

Nichols Family said...

Your mom is soooo great! Happy late Mother's day to both of you. I'm glad she lives here so I'll see her more often. Thanks for sharing the sweet post.

Kelly said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! Your mom seems like a great person and mom. She's also very pretty. What an example she's been for you.