Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Video: WQ+2 Super Short 1

Here is the latest WQ+2 video, with a little different format than the Quint Olympics. With how crazy things are at our house, we haven't had a lot of time to put together videos, so we finally decided that shorter videos were better than no videos at all!

Happy Viewing!

P.S. If you missed out on the Quint Olympics videos, you can watch them HERE.


Catherine (UK) said...

So cute! thanks so much for making the video and letting us see all 7 of your amazing children :-)

Jennifer ( from France ) said...

They are really sooo cuuuuute :-)

I like when they make hugs!

Tobi said...

Cora says Hi Riley and Kaiya! She loves watching your video's on the internet!

C. Beth said...

Great videos! My 1- and 3-year-olds enjoyed watching with me. :)

gilloth/Edina said...

I like it when they hug each other and say "Aaah!":) :)))

Jamie and Lindsey said...

This is Jamie Hodgkin from Boise, Idaho and I'd like to know how many diapers you change a day, and also when and how you plan on potty training all 5.

Anonymous said...

That video is adorable! The quints are cute, but Riley and Kayia steal the show!! This is Ashley from Dallas, and I would like to know how Riley and Kayia deal with having 5 baby brothers and sisters!

The Queen Vee said...

Watched it several times, loved it! Kaiya and Riley have a future in broadcasting. Keep producing these little flicks, love them.

Crazy Granny said...

I want to know how those babies can stand to go through a day without me. I know that I have a hard time without them.

Anonymous said...

sorry! I spelled Kaiya's name wrong!!

Anonymous said...

How cute!

This is Zoe from the UK. I was wondering how often you dress the babies in the matching/identical clothes and are they all in the same size clothes?

Maaike said...

So sweet!

If I had one question, it would be:

"Dear Riley and Kaiya, when the babies were little you used to dance for them before bedtime. Now that the babies are bigger, do they dance (and sing) with you?"

Maaike ('Mica') from the Netherlands

Mayra said...

God Bless the familia, and Have a Happy Mother's Day!!

Andy said...

Hi! I'm Andy from HUN. My question is this: are there any identical twins among the babies? They don't seem to look like each other, but you never know. :)

Nichols Family said...

Awesome Rachelle! Did your mom tell you I saw her at the airport and we were on the same flight to Women's Conf? I got her number and then I lost my cell phone in UT! Otherwise I would've called you two and met up somewhere! Hope you had a great break! :)

Aura said...

Hysterical- kind of what happened when we opened the identical toy for my twins, just ours was a bit toned down.

Diagnose Rachel said...

Hi This is Emily, (nearly 8 years old) . I wanted to know how much milk the babies drink in a day or week. (now that they are older) Also, I want to know how many toys they steal from each other during the day.
PS I love your videos and website

Hi, this is mom, Rachel, taking over. I'm also LDS and have been following your blog since you posted the most awesome "reflux in action" shot of the babies. That photo really touched our funny bone. It made living with our 3rd SEVERLY refluxing baby so worth it, as we laughed and tried to photograph the explosions instead of crying.

We live in Seattle, and I just had my 4th surgery after my 4th baby was born (baby is now 15months). Turns out of I have the insides of a 70 year old. I'm on the road to recovery, and reading the old posts about bedrest help me put things into perspective :) Thanks! I wanted to know how Rachelle's health is. I know that she had a much rougher time post-birth that you guys probably shared. But has health returned? Of course, I assume she has the skin to prove that the babies are hers! After 4 single babies, my skin will always be more like an empty handbag. I have a friend who calls it her "puppy" because whenever she rolls over in bed, it's curled right up next to her. B:)
On a less personal note, My daughter is so jealous of Kaiya because she has so many babies and toys to play with. "She's the luckiest girl ever!" She did agree that it would be hard to have 5 famous babies that get more attention. "But mom, THEY get to do all the talking on the videos! They (Kaiya and Riley) are so lucky!"

Sorry, this should have been an email, but the comment form is so much easier.

Much love, many prayers,
from your fans in Seattle!
The Richins Family

realityfromrachel dot blogspot dot com

Steph said...

Hi Rachelle! You have the cutest kids! They did such an amazing job narrating this video. And the babies are so sweet. So fun to see your family. Hope everyone is doing great!

Stephanie Ison (Lines)