Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wilkinson Quints 2010 Calendar

the Wilkinson Quints 2010 Calendar!

The calendar features 12 months of adorable pictures of the Wilkinson Quints. Photographers for this years calendar include Kristen Duke, Betty Ann Curtis (my mom) and myself. Below is a peak at some of the pictures included in calendar. To see thumbnails of all 12 pictures, visit our website at

Calendars are just $12.99 each or 3 for $30, and would make a great gift! All proceeds from the calendars will be used to support the consumption of diapers and wet wipes at the Wilkinson household!

To order, click HERE, or use the PayPal button on the right.






Anonymous said...

Your kids are just so adorable!!!! I love the last picture of the calender, very very cute :)

Anonymous said...


I am from France and I'd love to purchase one of your calendar. Do you think it's possible?


Rachelle said...

Hi Helene--

YES! We can ship calendars anywhere. Just use the PayPal button :-)


Charo said...

Hi, Rachelle

I'm following your blog from Mallorca (Spain)and I love it.

I really admire you, how can you find the time to do so many things in a day and grow those adorable happy children!!! and you seem to be always in a good mood!
I love your videos and I show them to my English pupils in my blog. They listen to real English in a funny way, your older children are great at presenting them, they must be a great help to you.

Of course I'm going to buy the 2010 Calendar but I would like to have the 2009 one, I love the pictures in it. Do you think I can still have one? How?

Rachelle said...

Hi Charo--

You can certainly still order the 2009 calendar as well. Just select quantity "2" in the drop down box, and send me an email at rcwilkinsonATgmailDOTcom to make sure I know it is you :-)

Sue Anne said...

Got my calendar in the mail the other day. It's awesome! Even better than last year's. Love the front cover picture so much.