Saturday, October 23, 2010

Three-Year Pictures

Last week my friend and favorite photographer, Kristen Duke, took "three-year" pictures of the quints. They turned out amazingly great---especially since the kids were not in the best mood that day. For all you local Austin-ites, the pictures were taken at Old Settlers park by Dell Diamond. It was a great location with a big old barn, old truck, rusting tractors, etc. You can see even more pictures from the shoot on Kristen's Website. Kristen has been taking pictures of my kiddos since they were one month old----here is another link to some of my favorite "Kristen" pictures.

This one might be my favorite from the shoot--it's just so sweet and these two boys really do love each other. They are such funny little buddies.




Kyndall (there is another one on Kristen's website with Kyndall doing her signature wink)

Ryder---I totally love this one of him! You would never guess he was my "Mr. Handful"!



Stephanie said...

The pictures turned out awesome! The group shots are always a challenge, so I'm glad they cooperated for you guys.

Teresa Dawn said...

They are all so perfect! I LOVe Kaydence's expression... she totally looks like she's planning some sort of mischief!

louise.dayane said...

My name is Louise and I am brazilian. As always the pictures were beautiful, they are growing fast. I loved the photo of the girls embraced, very affectionate and they are "dancing" was beautiful. May God continue to bless this beautiful family.

Tobi said...

I love all these pictures! I can't wait to see the Quint calendar this year.

Kristen Duke is my favorite photographer too. It will be tough to find anyone to replace her here in Colorado.

Cori Ann said...

How is the potty training going? It's been a while since you've posted anything about it. Hopefully it is going great and they are all potty trained. :)

Cori Ann said...
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Mush said...

What gorgeous photos! Ryder looks so handsome and I love the one of the boys having a hug. x