Friday, July 23, 2010

Kristen's New and Improved Photography Website

One of my favorite photographers, Kristen Duke, has recently updated her photography website. The new website combines her blog and website into one user-friendly interface. I love the new colors and the header! You can check it out HERE. If you like it, leave her a comment, because honestly...who doesn't love comments?? (Plus I will earn more "brownie points" with her for sending people to her site, and I want her to keep wanting to take pics of my family---she does a great job!)

Kristen is also running a promotion on facebook right now---if you become a fan of Kristen Duke Photography, you have a chance to win one of her landscape prints. Click HERE to become a fan and find out the details!

Kristen has been taking pictures of the quints since they were one month old. Here are some of my favorite Kristen shots:

2-Year Photos: Kassidy, Ryder, Kyndall, Rustin and Kaydence

Kassidy, Ryder, Kyndall, Rustin and Kaydence

Wilkinson Family Photo, June 2009

December Picture for the Wilkinson Quints 2009 Calendar----this just might be my most favorite picture of the quints ever!

Quints--about 10 months old

Kassidy, Kyndall and Kaydence---about 4 months old

Christmas Card Picture, December 2008

6 Months old--Kassidy, Rustin, Kyndall, Ryder and Kaydence

6 Months Old

The Quints in their Blessing Clothes---About 3 1/2 months old (Kyndall, Rustin, Kassidy, Ryder and Kaydence) This one is also a contender for my favorite photo ever of the quints!

Wilkinson Family, September 2007 (Quints are about 1 1/2 months old)



Anonymous said...

She takes gorgeous photos!

The picture of the three girls is beautiful!

Teresa Dawn said...

Beatiful pictures :)

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Awesome Rachelle! Us photographers LOVE when our customers promote us. It is definitely worth so much more in getting customers then any advertising could ever bring us. She does a great job with your family.
Have a great day at church tomorrow! Have they given you a Sunday calling since the kiddos went into nursery? :-) I got called to primary right after mine started into nursery. Love my primary class.

Kristen Duke Photography said...

wow, that's a lot of pictures:)