Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picture of the Week

I found this note on Kaiya's lunch sack one day this is kind of sad when you are so busy in the mornings that your kids start writing their OWN notes on their lunch bags---she even signed my name for me!


Stephanie said...

Haha! She is just like Max!

Tiare said...

That reminds me of the time when I broke my foot. Mom said she would sign my cast but still hand't and I was getting worried she never would. So I signed the cast for her!

Got to love little kids minds!

Tobi said...

I forgot that you put notes in their lunch bags. I'm actually quite proud of clever Kaiya for writing her own note. =)

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie. She's practicing for her future mom duties, I guess ;)

Janet M said...

I love that - great note from you!!!!
Pretty impressive !