Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Super Swimmers

This summer, both Riley and Kaiya have been participating in swim team. In past years, I have tried to convince the kids to sign up for the more challenging (and therefore less popular) swim events. (Being a statistician, I figured if less kids signed up for an event, that improved the odds that my kid would get a place ribbon.) All my attempts at persuasion were totally unsuccessful. This year, the rules for signing up for events was a little different. The swimmer was allowed to choose two events and then the coach would select the third event. The very first week, the coach picked Riley to swim the individual medley event---one lap in each of the four strokes. To my surprise, he LOVED it and has signed up for the IM every single week since. I decided the coach was a genius, since I know he would not have loved it if I had made him sign up for it! Every week he has been improving a little bit, but this week, he actually beat his previous time by 13 seconds and took home the first place ribbon!

Yay Riley!!

Diving off the block (in the team medley, not the IM)

Riley in the final leg of the IM---not only did he win, but no one else was even close! (it helped that there were only four people competing...)

Kaiya also got her first heat-winner ribbon of the season at the meet

Kaiya diving off the block

Even though swim team is very time consuming, I think it is so great for the kids---good exercise and it helps them really learn how to swim well. I am hoping that the quints will be able to be on the team next year!



Jessica Brown said...

I love summer swim team too!

holly stokes said...

Riley looks like a mini Ian Thorpe (Australian Champion swimmer), his dive is very professional, could be a future star!!

Spence Ohana said...

Wow good for them!

Crazy Granny said...

Those kids look absolutely great coming off the block. Congrats to two of my most favorite people.

The Queen Vee said...

Swim team takes a lot of time, how do you fit it in?

Congrats to your two talented fishes.

Megan Of Parker said...

That is a fantastic looking start for Riley. I am so glad they enjoy swim team, it is a great sport. Maybe they'll do diving as well
in the future :D

mari said...

i just started the swimming this year and our first meet is comming up maybe you could have them give me some tips they look really good and tell them congradts