Thursday, September 29, 2011

4-Year Check-Ups

This week the quints had their 4-year-old well-check Doctor visit. I have been dreading this one a little bit because I knew that they would need several shots to get them Kindergarten-ready and now they are old enough to know that shots are not fun!

Our pediatricians office is really great with doctor visits. We usually meet with two doctors, the girls go in one room and the boys in another. The nurses there have the assembly line down to an art, so we are usually done in an hour or less. Now that the quints are four, I can manage a doctor visit with only one additional helper. We have come so far! In the early days I usually had to bring 3-4 helpers, and we would all parade in with a baby carrier under one arm and a diaper bag on the other.

The appointment went great, and I was once again amazed at the miracle of our situation----we were so blessed to get five perfectly healthy, normal children (plus two). Ryder cried pretty hard when he got his shots, but the other four did great!

Outside the Dr. office.....the sun was a bit bright!

Everyone's second favorite thing about going to the doctor....the fish in the waiting room! (the first favorite it getting from the treasure box when it is over!)

Kyndall, Kaydence and Kassidy---gowned up and ready!

Ryder and Rustin

Here are everyone's 4-year stats (they are all small for their age, but with Jayson and I as parents, that is definitely to be expected----we never planned on having a basketball team):

38 inches tall
31 lbs

36 inches tall
28 lbs

37.25 inches tall
32.75 lbs

36.25 inches tall
27 lbs

39.5 inches tall
34 lbs

Yay---now we are all ready for Kindergarten!!!



MommyLydia said...

Is Dr. Jennifer Cardwell your doctor? We had her at Schoolhouse Pediatrics until she moved north. I REALLY miss her esp. now that I've got the new baby :( I don't like the guy we chose as a replacement at all. His 4 year shots were the first time my son cried-the nurse was NOT gentle! And the doctor was all concerned about my beanpole being "almost obese"!

Rachelle said...

We actually usually see Dr. Brent Cardwell. His wife (Jennifer) somewhat recently joined him at his office, but I have heard good things about her!

MommyLydia said...

Laugh. Your post is making me reconsider; how far away is Cedar Park really? (from Del Valle/Bastrop border)