Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Arizona Summer Vacation, Part 1

Kaiya, Ryder, Kassidy, Riley, Kyndall, Kaydence and Rustin

After our fun trip to Arizona for Spring Break, we decided we had to go back---this time when it was warm enough to swim in the big pool! Jayson was busy preparing for a big upcoming conference at work and couldn't take time off to come with us, so we brought GG along instead. My brother, Shane, was doing an internship in AZ and living at home this summer, so we got to see him, and my sister, Tiare, flew down to spend the week with us too. We packed in as much fun and excitement as we could into the short 8-day visit!

Arizona, here we come! Thankfully, my kiddos are really quite good in the car for long car trips--as long as we keep the snacks and movies coming.

The first thing everybody wanted to do when we arrived at Mimi's house was SWIM!

Kassidy, Kaiya, Ryder, Rustin, Riley, Kaydence and Kyndall---ready for the pool!

How many quints can a floating turtle hold??

Girl's night at Cheesecake Factory with my Aunt Jeanie and her girls--YUM!

There was a movie theater near my mom's house that let kids under 4 in FREE, a fact that we definitely took advantage of! (All of the movie theaters here in Austin start charging at age 1) While we were there, we saw three movies!

Kaydence, Kassidy, Kyndall and Mimi

Riley, Kaiya, Ryder, Rustin and Tiare

Outside the movie theater

Wednesday was a big day---we had discount tickets to Jambo, and indoor kiddie amusement part. It was not very crowded and the kids had a blast riding all the rides.

The kids waiting for the roller coaster

Spinning barrel ride

Kaydence on the spaceship

Riley, Dylan (my cousin's little boy), Kassidy, Kyndall and Rustin on the Safari Train

Rhino Ride

Mimi, Riley and Kaiya on the bumper cars

Kaiya and Riley

Hippo Hug

After Jambo, we headed to lunch at McD's

Wednesday night we went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner ($2.99 kid meal night!) My kids absolutely love eating there! It was the highlight of our trip!

The kids with the Rainforest Tree Frog

Waiting for dinner

Our standard pose by the elephant podium

We must have really worn the kiddos out that day, because on the way home, ALL FIVE fell asleep---a VERY rare event!!

The next day, my mom's friend, Janene, came over to give us all a roll-making lesson. I love homemade rolls and Janene makes the best rolls ever. I have been using her recipe for a while now, but I knew if I had the "roll lesson" that I could learn something to help me take my rolls to the next level.

Janene and Rachelle

Everyone was excited to "help"

Just as we were finishing our roll lesson, Candice (aka Dr. Park who delivered the quints) arrived with her baby Lauren. It is always fun to see her!

Kyndall, Kassidy, Rachelle, Rustin, Ryder, Riley, Kaydence, Kaiya, Lauren and Candice

Stay tuned for part 2 of the trip...



Pam said...

Sounds like you'll had a great time. The babies are really growing, I'm sure they are so much fun, but WOW Riley & Kaiya seem to have really gotten tall, maybe it is just the pictures, however, I know they are growing up fast, all of them. I always enjoy catching up, thank you for sharing. Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

Stephanie said...

The picture on the floating turtle is hilarious!

Tobi said...

You guys always know how to party. I'm amazed at what you can accomplish with the quints. I'm glad Gigi came with you to help!