Thursday, November 10, 2011

Field Trip Friday--L

This week, Letter L was in the Limelight! We went to the Library, had Lunch at Logan's Roadhouse and Landed some new License plates! We were also Lucky to have a Lass named Chanda join us. Chanda used to Live in the Lone Star State and she Lended a hand when the quints were Little, but of Late, she Left Texas for a new Line of Labor in Tennesee. She was in town for the weekend and it was Lovely to see her again!

The Little Learners Latch on to Letter L's in front of the Library

The Little ones Love to sit on the Laps of the Lads and Lasses in the statue in front of the Library

Rustin didn't want to be Like the others, so he Lifted himself onto the statue's Latissimus dorsi.

Letter L in sign Language: Kassidy, Kyndall, Chanda, Kaydence, Rustin and Ryder

Looking forward to Lunch inside Logan's Roadhouse!

Love Kyndall's Leg in this one!

Lunch was Luscious! We were Lucky to *only* Lay to rest one plate. The staff was quite Likable and the other Lunch-goers did not seem to mind the Loud Laughter coming from our table.

After Lunch, we said "So Long" to Chanda and headed to Georgetown to pick up our new License plates. Later, my Little helpers installed the License plates on our Large vehicle!

Rustin's face in this picture made me Laugh!

The Superhero duo Latches the License plate in place---if only they were a bit more Lofty, they might be able to reach better!

Wilkinson Quints Plus 02----Love it!



Wiley said...

These have to be one of the most brilliant ideas I've come across!

Stephanie said...

Cool license plate. :)

Anonymous said...

cute outfits! where'd you get them? :)

Aiketa said...

hahaha I like your license plate!
It's amazing how the Quints are growing.

(Mariona from Spain -- it's been a long time since I've comment.)

Tobi said...

The Quints are so smart and cute. You are doing a great job getting them ready for Kindergarten. Seriously those license plates are the coolest!!