Friday, November 11, 2011

Wilkinson Family Reunion

The Whole Wilkinson Clan (photo by Angie Moore Photography)

This August, Jayson's family had a reunion in Colorado. It was short, but packed with fun and creative activities. Each day had a theme. Day 1 was "Thriller". It started with a family photo shoot in Garden of the Gods---not exactly Thrillerish, but we did make some Thriller poses!

Zombie Pose: Riley, Jayson, Rachelle, Kaiya, Kassidy, Ryder, Kaydence, Rustin and Kyndall. (photo by Angie Moore Photography)

Waiting our turn, we snapped a few photos of our own...

The Original Wilkinson Family: Kevin & Sylvia Wilkinson, with kids (in birth order): Jayson, Alicia, Joel and Megan (photo by Angie Moore Photography)

Cousin Buddies: Trevor, Riley and Andrew

WQ+2 (photo by Angie Moore Photography)

Following the photos, we headed to Rudy's for Lunch. We didn't even have to drive all the way to Texas to find Rudy's, they now have one in Colorado Springs!


The Quints favorite part is the cheap white bread

When we got back home, the real Thriller fun began...wearing our matching Thriller T-shirts (which we later tye-dyed), we made our own Thriller music video (inspired by the Michael Jackson Wii game).

Check it out below---we had way too much fun making it!

Thriller Day ended with everyone getting their own Feltie Zombie, made by my crafty mother-in-law. Each zombie was carefully crafted to match each persons interests and personalities.
The Feltie Zombie Display

Day 2 was "Harry Potter" day. Each person had their turn under the sorting hat to determine which house they were in.

Ryder getting sorted

Next, everyone went to the "wand shop" where their wand selected them. Once again, my mother-in-law's creativity amazed me---she actually made wands for everyone with their name inscribed on them and she sewed protective wand carrying bags for them to go in!


The hunt for the Sorcerer's stone

Churchify: Harry Potter Day was Sunday, so we also went to church :-)

The third day was "Down on the Farm" day. One of Sylvia's co-workers owns some horses and graciously allowed us to come over for some carriage rides
Ryder & Rustin

Kaydence and Kyndall



Horses were not the only animals on the "farm"

Final Group shot!!

After the reunion, we stayed with Jayson's parents in Colorado for a few more days. Another one of Sylvia's friends has pet RATS. The thought of it seems kind of icky, but they were actually quite cute, if you could get past their very rat-like tails!

Oh Rats!


The kids lost interest in the rats as soon as they discovered the wealth of toys at the house we were visiting!

Kyndall, my true animal lover, made friends with the kitty




My friend Liz, who used to live near me and was so much help when the quints were born, now lives in Colorado Springs. She is either really brave or really crazy, because she drove up, picked up ALL seven of the kids and took them back to her house for a sleepover! The kids LOVED it! It was one of the highlights of the trip for them. Apparently, tree elves live near Liz and they leave treats in good little boys and girls shoes.

While in Colorado, I think we broke a record for the highest number of thrift shops invaded by quintuplets on a single day...

Salvation Army (I think...they all started to blend together after a while...)

ARC Thrift Store

We found the best deals at Goodwill! I came away with several pairs of jeans for the kids and myself for 99 cents! I have always been more of a clearance deal shopper than a thrift store shopper, but with my mother-in-law's help, I think I could become a thrift store convert :-)



Anonymous said...

That video is FANTASTIC. :-)

Tobi said...

Great re-cap Rachelle. We managed to squeeze in a lot of fun while you were in town.

Kristen Duke Photography said...

I love the theme days! Fun pics on the rocks, too and I love Riley's glasses!!!

Kriza said...

what a great trip you had, and that video was just deadly!!!! :-)))) I LOVED every minute of it!
thanks for a good laugh on a grey Saturday morning in Hungary :-)

Sherri said...

Rachelle, my name is Sherri and I've been following your blog since I read an article about your family in our local paper here in Utah. I was so amazed to read this post and recognize your sister-in-law Alicia and her husband. Her in-laws live in my ward and my sister knew Alicia from their missions. I am so inspired by all that you do to make your children's childhood experiences so rich and memorable. Thanks for the great example!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I haven't been here in awhile and I have loved catching up! I can't believe the quints are FOUR!!! How did that happen? I mean, I have a four year old and I knew they were the same age, but... in my mind your kids are still little! haha They are all so adorable and I love Riley's glasses, but my heart still holds a special place for Kassidy... I guess because I have one of my own! ;) Can't wait to see pics from the 2012 calendar.