Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Field Trip Friday--T and E

Our field Trip this week was Totally Enjoyable. We Took the Train into Town to Eat Tacos and Take a Trip in a see-Through Elevator. We Took some friends of ours, the Woods, and even let Kaiya be Truant from her Educational Teaching for the Trip. The Quints thought the Train was Totally Terrific and the Elevator was Especially Excellent. Since I am a Tightwad (or "Thrifty" if you want to be politically correct), I was Excited that Tots 6 and under ride free on the Train.

The Eclectic Troops Tarry before Embarking on the Train to Town

Thoughtful, Efficient Kassidy and Tender, Empathetic Kaydence on the Train

Troublesome but Entertaining Rustin with Natalie

Talented, Enthusiastic Kaiya with also Truant friend Henry

Tenacious, Energetic Kyndall with Andrea

Talkative, Eccentric Ryder

Time to Eat--lunch at the Taco Shack

Of course the picky quints would not even Try the Tasty Tacos...instead they Took in a plate of Tortilla chips

Rustin wielding a Trash can lid

The Enormous Elevator was located in the Extravagant Hyatt Hotel in downtown Austin. The ride was Especially Exciting because the glass walls let you see the Exceptional view on the Excursion to the Top floor (number 17). The Tots were quite Entertained by the Expedition--I think we rode the Elevator about Eleven Times.

We also tried the Escalator, though that many Tiny Travelers on an Escalator make me Edgy

Kassidy, Ryder, Rustin, Kyndall and Kaydence Take a Time-out for a picture in front of the skyline

Henry and Kaiya---they Thought the hand-holding was Traumatizing, but it made for an Endearing picture :-)

Traversing the wall Tight-rope style

The Town: Austin Skyline and Congress Street Bridge

It seemed True to form that we Took notice of a Turtle in Transnatation while Traversing the bridge

I Thought it was Too cute the way their Tiny Tushes stuck out while they looked at the Turtle

Back at the Train station the Tremendous Trip came to an End



Anonymous said...

you should have watched an ET movie

Sandra said...

Oh how cool to see a turtle in the wild!
Seemed like a lovely field day!

gwen said...

Vraiment magnifique votre site! votre vie à l'air parfaite et vos enfants sont tous très beau!
J'adore l'idée de l'emission télévisé pour animer un concours sur vos quintupler c'est géniale!!
Longue vie a vous