Monday, October 21, 2013

Summer Vacation—Part 1

IMG_9698 CR
In August, we took our summer vacation to Denver to visit with Jayson’s parents.  As we were making plans for our trip, my mother-in-law mentioned that it was “only” a 6 hour drive to Mt. Rushmore from Denver…I had no idea it was that close!  (When you live in the middle of Texas and it is practically a day’s drive to get OUT of Texas, 6 hours seems like nothing!)  We drove the 15 hours to Denver on a Saturday, got up and went to church the next morning and then headed up to South Dakota.

IMG_9614 CR
Wilkinson Family at Mt. Rushmore

Mt Rushmore was every bit as cool as I had imagined.  What an amazing feat to carve those faces into the mountain!  We arrived just in time to see the night show and the lighting of the faces.

IMG_9615 CR
Grandma and Grandpa with Riley, Kaiya, Kaydence, Kassidy, Rustin, Kyndall and Ryder

IMG_9609 CR

IMG_9627 CR

IMG_9621 CR
The Crew:  Waiting for the Light Show/Night Program

IMG_9636 CR
All lit up!

The next day we went back to check things out in the daylight.
IMG_9672 CR
The whole gang

IMG_9681 CR
My favorite picture!  Riley, Kaydence, Kyndall, Rustin, Kaiya, Kassidy and Ryder

IMG_9696 CR
The quints favorite part:  running up and down the stairs

IMG_9658 CR
George Washington Profile

IMG_9661 CR
Presidential Profiles

IMG_9724 CR
Native American Display at Mt Rushmore

IMG_9722 CR

After Mt. Rushmore, we headed over to Crazy Horse, an uncompleted carving of the famous Indian Chief.  We couldn’t get very close to the actual mountain, but the museum, movie and displays were interesting.

IMG_9727 CR
Crazy Horse

IMG_9742 CR
Model of what the completed Crazy Horse will look like

IMG_9729 CR
More Teepee's

IMG_9750 CR
Not sure what Crazy Horse is pointing at, but we thought we needed to point there too.

IMG_9758 CR

IMG_9778 CR
Right off the side of the road, we found a small herd of buffalo!

After Crazy Horse, we started back to Grandma’s house.  We traveled via Nebraska so we could stop and see Carhenge, a replica of Stonehenge, created from vintage American-made automobiles.  It was awesome…….certainly worthy of it’s label of “2nd Wackiest Attraction in America”.
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IMG_9811 CR

IMG_9817 CR 
Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Summer Vacation Adventures….


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You took a lot of really fun photos!

Angela said...

It's so good to hear from your again. I loved the pictures. I've never been to Mt. Rushmore but now I feel like I have. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

Schauers Hours said...

Can't wait for part two! BTW to answer your question from your comment on my blog...we have a Go Pro camera that we take when we go on trips, not sure what type of lens it has, but it captures 180 degrees of whatever we are shooting.

Noelle Rowe said...

Rachelle, you always look so stellar! The pictures of all your kids together really warms my heart, you can tell they all love each other. :) Looks like a fun time.

Cindy said...

I loved all of your photos -- every. single. one!! Great family memories! Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

Really beautiful photos :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! :) It's really nice to see kids growing up! But please upload videos of them from time to time on youtube... I am in need of their videos, please! ;)

Unknown said...

I am the 7the child of 11! 6 boys 5 girls! Big families are amazing gifts from God!!