Monday, August 30, 2010

Breaking News!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled trip report to bring you some breaking news….POTTY TRAINING HAS COMMENCED AT THE WILKINSON HOUSE!

As early as Wednesday morning, signs of impending potty training were spotted at the home of the three-year-old quintuplets. Nexder Naybore* who lives down the street from the Wilkinsons reported, “I saw Rachelle return from the store with M&M’s, star stickers and carpet cleaner--I knew it could only mean one thing!”

Luvstoo Reed*, the local librarian stated, “Rachelle came into the library a few days ago and checked out five children’s books about going potty, a DVD called “Potty Power” and three nonfiction books about potty training toddlers. She also put six additional books and DVD’s relating to potty training on hold. I think that is come kind of record.”

The quints are reportedly excited about the prospect of getting to wear big-kid underwear and learning how to go “she-she” on the potty, however none of them fully grasps the concept of going to the bathroom.

When interviewed, Rachelle stated, “I’ve been terrified of potty-training the quintuplets, pretty much from the day we saw them all on the ultrasound. I think I have done a really good job of putting it off as long as possible. Now that the quints are three and we are done with vacations for a while, I have run out of excuses!”

Riley, older brother to the quints, is calling it “Potty Training Boot Camp”. He told reporters, “At first I was looking forward to the quints being potty trained…I am a practical person and I was excited about the money we would be saving every month by not having to buy diapers anymore. I was hoping we could use the surplus to go to the movies or buy new LEGOs or something. Unfortunately, my mom says that the money will probably have to be set aside so that the carpets and couches can be replaced when this whole potty-training adventure is over.”

Sources close to the Wilkinsons say that both Rachelle and Jayson remain optimistic in the face of this huge challenge. Both hope the quints catch on quickly. Stay tuned for more updates and an inside report from the first day of “Potty Training Boot Camp”…

*Note: some names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for over a year now, after coming across it when looking for information on multiples for an assignment I was doing, and with such a large event in the quits lives, I think I needed to wish you and the rest of the family Good Luck and try and have fun :)

Tobi said...

Oh the horror of potty training all five at once! Once again you are diving right in and tackling this job in a very Mighty Mom fashion. Go Jayson! Go Rachelle! And Go Quints! Go potty that is.

P.S. I agree with you about having to replace your furniture after potty training five.

Maaike said...

YEA! Go Rachelle and Jayson! And go quints! May the transition to potty be smooth, fast and easy for all involved. :)

Your readers know how much you've dreaded this, Rachelle. I really hope that within a month or two you will report back to us just as relieved as after "Bye bye binky," telling us that it was a lot easier than you thought it would be!

Anonymous said...

Rachelle, the kids are so big. Glad things are going well. You'll make it through potty training. Hey, you are a pro right?

Good luck!
Diane W

Aiketa said...

Hilarous! I like the way you wrote the post, totally as a piece of news!
I hope you all have a great and fast transition to a set of quints potty trained! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

I should have sent Logan home with you. What's one more right?!

Good luck!

Nicole said...

In France we seem to start much earlier!(around 1... building up slowly)
Our kids go to school at three and must be potty trained...
We also say that a child that can go up and down the stairs is ready to be potty trained!

Bon courage!It should ne quick at that age!

(We had episodes of emptying the full potty on the sister's or brother's head...hope they are big enough not to do that!!!!)

Carlita said...

you've also purchased a stock of vitamins, anti-stress tablets and books for zen-attitude?

tell at Riley that he was a big boy when he said bybye binky so now he can say bybye diapers

and like say Nicole, in France at 3y 95% of kids are free diapers if no they can't go to the school.potty train begin around 18-24 mth

Teresa Dawn said...

Good luck to Kassidy, Kaydence, Kyndall, Ryder and Rustin! (Oh and mum and dad as well)

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Potty training was THE most stressful thing I have ever done as a parent (And yes, I kept buying more potty underwear as he went through it at a prodigious rate!). I find it hilarious that you are doing all 5 kids at once!

Good luck!

But it is worth it when done. And not even for the "Saved moneY" -- but just for the freedom. As my son becomes more and more independent in going potty, my diaper bag has become smaller and smaller. And now it mostly stays in the car! Though I keep it there in case of accidents.

The most stressful part of potty training is leaving the house -- I bought a small supply of the plastic "overwear" underwear. I find putting those on over underwear when out of the house helps contain spills and keep them from getting on the car seat.

Pull ups also work (they absorb MUCH better). But my son HATES pullups and would rather have underwear, and other children treat pullups like diapers and no longer ask to go.

Linda said...

Let's hope that for once peer pressure will be a good thing! It will be fun, and they will be so proud. We should have a contest regarding which one will be the first/last to complete the camp. We may as well be excited about it!
Linda Heydt

Selene said...

Good luck Rachelle. There isn't anything else to say.

Cristy said...

So how does one go about keeping 3 pairs of girly panties all separate? Since your kiddos are color coded, do they only get panties/underwear in their color? Does one buy different styles or cuts? Or does it even matter at age 3?

Good Luck and I hope it goes smoothly and fairly uneventful.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear lord... Rochelle, you are CRAZY! :-) I can't believe you're doing all of them at once!

I've been potty training my son since January (he's now 3.5). While #1 has been "trained" for quite a while (except while sleeping), we are having a heck of time getting #2 mastered. Only recently have I begun to see any progress.

I look forward to reading about your boot camp. And if it proves to be successful, perhaps you can open it to us. After all, peer pressure might work where I have failed. :-)