Monday, October 10, 2011

Field Trip Friday--B

Last week we learned letter "B". Now, I know I shouldn't choose favorites, but let's face it---some letters of the alphabet are Better than others. There were so many "B" activities that we didn't have time to do them all. We spent the week Bouncing Balls into Buckets, Blowing Bubbles, riding Bikes, going on Bear hunts, Blowing up Balloons, playing with Barbies and Blocks, making Bats, and eating Breakfast food, Bananas, Bagels and Bread with Butter.

For our Field Trip Day, we went to the Big Bounce and then came home to Bake Bread in the shape of Bears.

B pancakes for Breakfast. Rustin is even taking a Bite of his Blue plate.

The Big Bounce (Kassidy Bemoaned the Bright sunlight)

Ready to Bounce: Ryder, Rustin, Kassidy, Kaydence and Kyndall

Lunch Break: Rustin and Ryder with Best Buddy Soren, who joined us for the outing

Kaydence (eating a Banana!), Kyndall and Kassidy

1-2-3 Jump!

Budding Bakers: Kyndall, Ryder, Kassidy, Rustin and Kaydence (the Boys have Blue aprons and the girls have Butterfly aprons---all Birthday gifts from Grandma Wilkinson)

Baking Bedlam (I actually got smart this time and pre-measured all the ingredients into Bowls Beforehand, so they could just scoop and dump)

Building Bears out of Bread dough

A Bedraggled Rustin

Blotchy-faced Kyndall

Da Bears!

Beautiful Kassidy

Bashful and Bright Kaydence

Bedazzling Rustin

Brilliant Kyndall

Big Goof Ryder (who thinks he has to make a silly face every time I take a picture!)



Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm loving your incredible alliteration and downright creative spirit! Very ambitious of you to be so organized and fun with your cuties. You're somewhat of a cross for me between inspirational and envy-causing (that you can be so put together!)

Tracey's Life said...

Wow! You do more exciting things with your children than any preschool ever would! I admire your patience and creativity! Great job Mom!

Liz H. said...

i had our joy school group at our house the other day and i was watching 5 little ones. i thought of you. i could barely hang on for 2 1/2 hours! very impressed with you! :)

Pam said...

Wow very creative! Looks like Kassidy is your little poser! so cute.....all of them! Thank you for sharing!

Kelly said...

sorry! this comment was supposed tobe here : I love the poses Kassidy makes! Such cute kids!

leny g said...

Good blog post

Queen B said...

Looks like a Blast!

James said...

Sam loved looking through the last 3 posts (starting with the C field trip) and kept saying "There's my friends!". I think he's a little envious that they're out doing so much. Yep, they've got a more fun mommy than he does - no doubt about it. Although we were at Sweetberry Farms the same day you were, so I guess we're not doing that bad!