Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Quints 4th Birthday!

Kyndall, Kassidy, Rustin, Ryder and Kaydence

I am more than two months late, but I am finally posting pictures from the quints birthday! Their birthday fell on Sunday this year, so we went to church in the morning and had a few families over for cake in the evening. They are old enough to really "get" birthdays now, so they were SO excited!

The Fab 5 with their gifts---Five is a very "normal" family size, so the quints birthday is like some families Christmas! (Something I should have thought about before saving all the present wrapping until the last minute :-) )

The present wrapping started out with order and taking turns....

...but quickly evolved into mass chaos!

The quints take a break----All that present un-wrapping can be exhausting!

I made each of the quints their own little mini-cake in their color. In addition to color coding, each of the quints has a symbol that they chose to identify their things when multiple colors are not available. Kassidy--flower, Kaydence--sunshine, Kyndall--heart, Rustin--basketball, Ryder--changes his mind a lot (for his cake it was a monster)

Kassidy, Kaydence, Rustin, Kyndall and Ryder

Happy Birthday to Kassidy!!

Happy Birthday to Kaydence!

Happy Birthday to Rustin!!

Happy Birthday to Kyndall!!

Happy Birthday to Ryder!!

For the rest of the party guests, I made two cakes---a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling (to die for!) and...

Lemon cake with raspberry cream cheese filling

The day following the quints actual birthday, we had their "friend" party. After spending lots of time on Riley and Kaiya's birthday parties this year, I decided to make life easy on myself and have the quints party at the Big Bounce.

We invited all the kids from church who are in their Sunday School classes----there are 21 kids their age, so it was a big group! I was really interested to see what my kids would do at the party. They don't get invited on playdates with other kids very often and they are so used to playing with each other, that I wondered if they would stick together or branch out. To my surprise, none of them stayed together---they all buddied up with someone else.

Kassidy with her friends Paige and Marcy

Kaydence with her friend Emmie

Rustin with his buddy Weston

Kyndall was more of a free spirit, running around by herself---she did join a bunch of other girls watching a movie for a little bit.

Ryder with his pal Andrew

We sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes. I made rainbow cupcakes (pink, purple, yellow for the girls and blue, green, white for the boys) but I was so busy I forgot to take pictures of the inside!

Party Room

Present Time!

Present un-wrapping quickly turned into a free-for-all!

The Party Kids!

The quints with the cute gal that hosted our party at the Big Bounce! It was so much fun, and the best part----I didn't have to get my house ready for a party, or clean up after the 4-year-old invasion!



Kaia said...

Cute kids and cakes! I like how you made a cake for each of them. If it's not too much trouble, could you share the chocolate cake recipe? Sounds delicious! The bounce house sounds like a super idea with that many kids-and not having to worry about the clean up!

Liz Beedub said...

It's crazy to think that I've been reading this blog for more than four years! (I always assume that they're younger than they are - I mean, that much time CAN'T have passed!)

How old was Kaiya when the quints were born? They must be getting close to that magical time when they've been around for half of her life.

Belated birthday wishes!

Rachelle said...

Elspeth--I'm with you...I really can't believe they are four already either (although I have a hard time remembering life before they were born!) Kaiya was 4 years, 4 months and 25 days old when the quints were born, so you are right, we are really close to the half-life point!

Angela said...

Adorable as always. I loved the little cakes you made for each of them.

Spence Ohana said...

Wow, all the cakes and cupcakes you made looked and sounded amazing! How do you do it! Looks like the quints had a fabulous birthday! Cute pics of all of them.

farrind said...

Dear Wilkinsons,
Even though it is "late" I wish to send piles of congratulations on the Five Birthdays.

July was not all that long ago. What is amazing is that they have grown so much since the birthday- that end-of-July day! Over four! And, congratulations on all you do with them. Learning the alphabet and all the other stuff. Though I have not followed the blog 6 months, I still sense the caring, attention, and giving the others (Kaiya, and you parents, and Riley) have for their quint miracles.
The chocolate ganache filing recipe would be welcome... as Kaia asked...
Many thanks, Dinah in New YOrk

Lisa said...

I have a question, how did the people invited to the party handle gift giving with 5 celebrants? Did they bring a gift for each child? Did they bring one gift for all? Or did you somehow divide it by saying this child is inviting this person and so on? I'm just curious. I only have one child, but I sometimes get overwhelmed trying to pick a present for him to give to a friend on their birthday.

Kelly said...

I love the poses Kassidy makes! Such cute kids!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fun as always! I've been reading your blog since '09 and enjoyed reading from your pregnancy till today. What got me hooked was your prayer to the Lord for your unborn babies and how you were given assurance that these babies were in the Lord's will. I've read with joy the awards your older children received for their pictures and videos of the babies and helping out-I love reading how your children and family have been blessed!

It was worth the wait for their birthday photos! So much fun and creativity-each of your children is special, loved, healthy and it's always an interesting delight to read your blog and watch the videos :o)