Monday, October 31, 2011

Field Trip Friday--C

Letter C was a Choice letter. There are a Copious number of things that start with letter C! For our field trip, we started at the Capitol building of the Colossal state of Texas. Our Capitol is rather Cool, I think. The exterior Construction is similar to the US Capitol and there is a reCurrant star motif throughout the interior.

I was surprised by how Cheerful the quints were as they Checked over the Capitol. They were Charmed by the squirrels Climbing the trees, and they were Crazy about the Canons. They were Curious about the rotunda and felt Compelled to Climb the Cyclopean staircases to get as high as possible.

Kaydence, Kyndall, Kassidy, Rustin and Ryder at the Texas State Capitol

Colossal staircases in the Capitol Created Curiosity among the Cute Quints

Though the quints were Courageous as they Caught the view of the rotunda from the top floor, the Considerably spaced Crossbars in the railing Caused me to be Concerned!

The Canon

Countless strangers insisted on being Captured on Camera with the Quints. (OK, not really Countless, but there were a Considerable number!)

After the Capitol, we headed down Congress Ave to see the Cows on Parade.

During our Downtown Circut, we Caught a glimpse of over 20 Cows...this one is Called "Moosical Moosaic"


"Batsy at Twilight"

Halfway through our Cow Circuit on Congress, we stopped to Consume some Chow.

Lunch Consisted of letter C sandwiches, Cheese sticks, Concord grapes (I could be making the Concord part up---I really have no idea what kind they were), and Cookies

On a trip to the water Closet, the quints rode an escalator, for what might have been the first time---they were Crazy about it!

Cow Collage

The Concluding stop on our Capitol of Texas adventure was the Big Top Candy Shop.

Candy, Candy, Candy

The Copious amounts of Colorful Candy Captivated the Quints and made it Challenging to Choose what to get!

Conveniently, the Candy shop had five Chairs

From the outside looking in---The Candy shop was a Cool Close to a Considerably Crazy-Fun Day!

PS--Speaking of letter C, the kids Halloween Costumes turned out so CUTE----I'll post some pictures in the next Couple of days!!


Schauers Hours said...

So great Rachelle. Seriously, you are just amazing me with your Creative Cool Colossal preschool ideas!

Kaia said...

I love how creative you are with these field trips! I would've been happy to go on this one!

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean that the Cwints had a great "c" day? lol... I've really been enjoying your preschool pictures.


Tiare said...

Rachelle! You are so amazing and super creative with all these days out! I love it!

cindyquiltsOR said...

Concord grapes are purple and Welches uses them to make grape juice. I think they have seeds in them as well ... toooooo sweet for me!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

SO fun! I love what you are doing...pre-schooling them;)

Molly said...

Nice, the kids on the cows!!!