Friday, April 27, 2007

Fast Food Favs

In my pre-pregnancy days, I tried to limit my intake of fast food. After all, fast food is known for being high in fat, calories and sugar. Now that I am under doctor's orders to eat hamburgers and milkshakes, I have become quite a fast food connoisseur! After careful analysis (and multiple samples) I have come up with a list of my favorites:

  • Favorite burger on a budget: Jack in the Box Jumbo Jack (600 calories, 21 g protein)
  • Favorite french fries: McDonald's (180 calories, 4 g protein)
  • Favorite milkshake: Jack-in-the-Box Chocolate Oreo Shake (910 calories, 14 g protein)
  • Favorite chicken nuggets: Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets 8 ct (260 calories, 26 g protein)
  • Favorite breakfast sandwich: McDonald's Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddle (460 calories, 19 g protein)
  • Favorite drink: Chick-fil-a Large Lemonade (390 calories, 0 g protein) (side note: they also have diet lemonade which is just as good, when you aren't trying to pack in the calories!)
  • Favorite burrito: Taco Bell Burrito Supreme with two sides of red sauce and three mild sauce packets poured on top (420 calories, 17 g protein)

Hopefully I won't grow too accustomed to all this fast food, so that I will eventually be able to lose the 75-100 lbs I am in the process of gaining!!

Quick update on me and the babies:
I am 20.5 weeks now and so far both me and the babies are still doing great! I have started using a home contraction monitor twice a day for an hour. The device counts my contractions and then sends the data via the phone lines to a group of nurses who call me and tell me how well I did. (Isn't modern technology amazing?) So far my average number of contractions per hour has been 0.64. The doctor said that as long as my average stays under 3.5 for the week, they won't have to intervene with drugs. I have another doctors appointment on Monday, so I should know more after that!


Elizabeth said...

That's so incredible. I can't imagine that paradigm shift in a simple diet change. Have fun and good luck with these following weeks.
~Elizabeth at

McKay said...

Whoa! 910 calories in one shake?!

michelle said...

Good luck with eating the 'junk' food. I am sure that chasing after 5 babies and two children will help you lose those extra pounds!!

I am praying for you and your family. May Heavenly Father watch over you all.

Suzanne said...

is the junk making you sick to your stomach at all? are you hungry? i have no appetite and feel horrible after i eat all that nasty stuff! good to know about that oreo shake! i've got to try that one! ;) so glad the babies are doing great!!

Anonymous said...

this is such an exciting time-i am praying for you and your family. i am just wondering if it is possible to increase your caloric intake in a way that is healthy? it seems that it can't be good for you or the lives you are supporting to be eating all this junk? what about a more natural diet including nuts, avocado, whole grains, rich animal protein and plenty of fruits and veggies????please let me know why you are opting for all the "junk" food.