Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Halfway Today!!

Today I am officially 17 weeks along. My goal is to make it to 34 weeks, so that makes today the half-way mark----Hurray! I only hope that the second half goes as well as the first half has! At my doctors visit last Friday everything looked great. The babies still growing well and I am still looking like the model patient. During the ultrasound, the technician was able to find girl parts on three babies and boy parts on two babies. As long as she was really looking at five different babies (I really don't know how they can keep track of everyone in there!), I think it is safe to say that we will be having three girls and two boys! Now comes the monumental task of choosing names. I haven't even started to think about that yet---I figure I will have plenty of time for name searching while I am sitting around all day on bedrest! If anyone would like to give suggestions, I would be happy to take them into consideration. Riley and Kaiya's top three suggestions have been: Falcon, Hot Shot, and Moon Face. They don't understand why I haven't started having towels and onsies engraved with their "fabulous" suggestions.

Below is a 3D image from our last ultrasound. Supposedly all five babies can be seen in the picture. When I first saw the picture, I have to admit that I thought it looked more like modern art than a photo of my future five. However if you stare at it long enough (kind of like those 3D pictures that were so popular in the 90's), you can actually see at least four of the five babies. (The ultrasound gal claims baby five is along the bottom somewhere.)

In addition to being the halfway through my pregnancy, today was significant in our family for another reason. Today my daughter, Kaiya, had her very first "real" haircut. Since her birth, I have only trimmed the ends enough to even things up and given her bangs. It was actually a hard thing for me to chop her hair off----I love cute girl hair, big bows, french braids, pig tails, etc. (thus my excitement over the slightly higher estrogen levels in the quints gender split). However, I am leaving for Arizona in exactly one week and will likely be on bedrest soon after that. Short hair is easier to maintain. Despite my sadness at getting her hair cut, I have to admit that Kaiya looks pretty cute with her short bob. We are going to donate her chopped off hair to Locks of Love, which Kaiya is also excited about. I guess it is time to put away the scrunchies, ribbons, fru-fru bows and ponytail holders and go buy some cute barrettes!





The Willoughbys said...

Hey feel free to use the name Spylar!! I have to admit it is better than Falcon or Hot Shot! :) Half Way!! YAY! That is great!!!
Cute Kaiya, she's cute with any hairstyle!!

Courtney said...

I'm glad everything is going well. Enjoy life with the kids before the bedrest starts. The new hair cut is adorable. Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet once you are in AZ.

We didn't name our girls until they were five days old and we only had to pick three names, I can't even imagine agreeing on five names.

Michelle said...

Hi, my name is michelle. I'd like to congradulate you on your five again. I just realized we are about a week apart being pregnant.
Your daughter has a very cute hairstyle. I know how that feels when you dont want to cut their hair.

Ana Jackson said...

How about Cletus and Cleopatra? I'm in Stats class right now. There are 6 of us here....we started with 11, but 5 got up and left partway through class. Everything is going okay so far though. She said she was probably going to use your Test 5, so that's good. The project presentations seemed to thoroughly confuse her, though.

Rachel said...

Kaiya's hair is adorable! I like the name Falcon! Did Riley come up with that? There are about a million names on babyzone.com that I went through. That would definitely give you a way to kill time in the hospital and you might actually find some names!