Saturday, April 14, 2007

Television Debut

Yesterday the quints had their television debut! The local cable news station, News 8 Austin, did a story on the quintuplets. They came to our house and interviewed Jayson and Riley. They got some fun shots of Jayson and Riley and four of the five quints managed to get their ultrasound picture on there. You can watch the video and read the story on the News 8 Austin website at:

I am not sure how long it will remain a "top story", so if that link doesn't work, try going to and searching for "Wilkinson" or "quintuplets".


Craig said...

Seeing this reminded me of story that highlights how quickly word travels. I coach a 3 year old soccer team and when I called one of the Moms she mentioned that in her neighborhood someone was having "quints". I knew it had to be you guys. Word travels fast!

Unknown said...

It was so funny to see you guys on the news! Pretty cool. Glad you made it to AZ safely!