Friday, April 30, 2010

Digging for Dinosaur Bones

Last Thursday we went on an "adventure" to the Austin Nature Center. (If we call it an adventure the kids get soooo excited about it!) My friend's daughter was in town with her kids, so we all piled in "The Beast" and went together. If you are in the Austin area, this is actually a pretty fun and FREE place to go. There are lots of plants and animals to look at as well as big sand pits where the kids can dig for "dinosaur" bones.
Getting ready to go inside.

Ryder, Kassidy, Kyndall, Rustin and Kaydence check out a fox.

Rustin, Kassidy, Kaydence, Ryder and Kyndall watch the snakes

I thought it was so cute how Rustin and Ryder snuggled up to look at the animals

On our way to the dino pits!

Digging for fossils---I think it is so funny how they always gravitate toward "their" color (Rustin is blue, Kaydenc is yellow and Kyndall is pink/red).

Kyndall, Kassidy, Ryder, Kaydence and Rustin

What is it about narrow ledges that makes every kid want to walk on them?

Kyndall, Ryder, Rustin, Kaydence and Kassidy

Follow the leader....Kyndall, Ryder, Rustin, Kassidy, and Kaydence

After the nature center, we found a nearby park to have a picnic.

Kaiya recently participated in the first grade play, "It's a Dirty Life"---it was the perfect kid play---cute, funny, musical and SHORT!!! The quints loved watching it!

Riley participated in the cub scouts pinewood derby races again this year. Last year he won first in both speed and design. This year, we had a little trouble with the holes drilled for the wheels, so we were just happy that he didn't come in last place for speed! He did, however, take home the first place trophy for design!!! Yay, Riley! Last year Jayson did a lot of Riley's car, but this year Riley wanted to do as much as he could by himself. He chose a simple design that required minimal tools----a Hershey Bar Car, and he did a great job!



Derby Monkey said...

A big congrats to Riley for building a super cool pinewood derby car... mostly himself. Let's see.. last year, first in both speed and design... this year, first place trophy for design... Riley is a Pinewood Derby monster!!! Way to go. Keep up the good work and good luck next year.

Amber said...

We visited there this last Wednesday. It was super fun. My girl LOVED Martha the Coyote!!

~Mr.Wood = Occupation Triplets~ said...

I'm jealously looking foreward to getting out of the house for family trips like that! RSV season is now over though yay!

Alisa said...

Where did you find the checkered blanket? It's so classic!