Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter was so fun this year! The quints really got into it. They loved hunting for eggs. At our house the Easter Bunny color codes all the eggs so that everybody gets the same number and the older kids can have theirs hidden in trickier places. Since we color code everything with the quints anyway, they knew exactly what to do.

Flower Power: Kaydence, Kyndall and Kassidy

Funny Bunnies: Ryder and Rustin

Riley and Kaiya

Easter Morning, before the hunt: Ryder, Riley, Kassidy, Kyndall, Kaydence, Kaiya and Rustin

Looking for eggs

Ryder and Rustin were more excited by what was in the eggs than they were with finding them. They were content to sit and eat goodies (the quints eggs were filled with cinnamon goldfish and fruit snacks) and let the girls bring them all their eggs. The girls were all about the hunt---especially Kassidy.

Checking out the loot

Everyone got a coloring book in their basket and the quints each got a package of UNDERWEAR!!! (No, I haven't committed to potty training yet, but I am trying to take baby steps in that direction!)

Rustin couldn't wait to put the underwear on.

Kaydence decided that if one pair was good, two pairs would be even better!

Not to be outdone, Rustin insisted on wearing four pairs (all over his diaper).

Kassidy wanted to make a new fashion statement with her panties

The Quint Table: Ryder, Kyndall, Rustin, Kassidy and Kaydence. We had Easter dinner with our friends, the Woods.

The "Bigger Kid" Table: Kaiya, Emily, Henry, Roger and Riley

Rustin, Kassidy, Kaydence, Ryder and Kyndall. The Woods kids made a little Easter Egg hunt for the quints. It was really cute--the eggs were filled with goldfish and Apple Jacks. We told the quints that they couldn't go outside and find the eggs until they were done with dinner. Ryder was so anxious to go that he stuffed his entire roll in his mouth.

Kyndall on the hunt--I love her curly hair!

After they found all the eggs, they sat up in the playset and ate the goodies.

We finished the evening with singing and dancing while Randy played the guitar.

Ryder and Rustin

Kassidy and Kaydence hugging at the end of the Barney song "I love you, You love me.."

Rustin : making a fashion statement of his own



Crazy Granny said...

I love the color coded eggs, They are all getting so big.

Bret and Heather said...

gosh they're getting so big! and potty training... whew, im kinda glad we are no where near that phase yet, good luck! Ill be checking back to see how they do :]

Heather Cox
BGGB Quads 2.16.09

Stephanie said...

We color code the eggs for our Easter hunt as well. It keeps everyone happy that way. I love that the Easter bunny brought your kids underwear. Santa brought Logan underwear, but he still refuses to wear it. You definitely have a much harder battle than we do!

The Queen Vee said...

Easter should be joyful and your pictures show that was the case for the Wood and Wilkinson clans.

The picture of Rustin in his new underwear speaks volumns....I think he/they're ready for the big PT. Now you just need to rev up your courage and go for it this summer because it may prove easier than you think.

Ryder with the roll stuffed in his mouth is funny. He looks to be about 4 inches taller than Rustin.

The girls are adorable, such ittle fashionistas.

Riley and Kaiya are getting so big.

You have a beautiful, beautiful family.

Schauers Hours said...

Oh no, does the fact that they have a quint table mean the high chairs are no more? Seeing them with panties/underwear and at a table reminds me how fast they are growing up. The pictures of all your kids on this Easter post are so adorable.

Tobi said...

Kaydence and Kassidy have such long hair now! How you you get all these cute babies with such great hair? I can't wait to hear about your adventures in potty training.

Arnold Quads said...

looks like you had a great easter. The kiddos are soo cute! Luv the quint table....I could use one. Where did you get it?? :)

Julie V. said...

Rustin's hair kills me. It is gorgeous! Great pictures!