Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If Potty Training were a Quint Olympic Event...

...this is how it would go:

Both: This is WQ+2 Quint Olympics

Riley: Hi, I’m Riley Wilkinson

Kaiya: And I’m Kaiya Wilkinson

Riley: Today’s Quint Olympic event is POTTY TRAINING!!!

Kaiya: Wow, potty training five three-year olds does not sound like fun!

Riley: Not at all! I plan on holing up in my room with a good book to try to avoid most of it!

Kaiya: Great idea!

Riley: The rules for this competition are simple---the first person to consistently put all their poop and she-she in the potty, wins!

Kaiya: Maybe we better explain what she-she is.

Riley: You are right, Kaiya. Some people call it pee or number 1, but my mom lived in Hawaii when she was younger and they called it “she-she” over there. The name stuck and that’s what we have always called it at our house.

Kaiya: Let’s check in with the competitors!

First up…

Kassidy! Kassidy is technically the “oldest” of the quints (though not by much). I wonder if that will give her some kind of an advantage in this competition.

Next up...

Kaydence! Kaydence was the last one to crawl, the last one to walk and always seems to take life at her own pace. I predict that she will be the last one to finish potty training.

The next competitor is...

Rustin. In the preliminaries, Rustin was actually able to do both poop and she-she in the toilet. I think he has a good shot at the gold medal!

Next is...

Kyndall. Don’t let Kyndall’s small size fool you, she is sharp as a tack. However she also doesn’t like to be told what to do, which may prove to be a disadvantage in this competition.

And the final competitor is...

Ryder. Ryder is usually the most “high maintenance” of the quints. I am not sure how that will translate to potty training.

Riley: Well, it looks like everyone is ready…


Day 1:
Kaiya: It’s Day 1 and they are off to a decent start. Rustin has a sizable lead on the others, producing something on the potty seven times, while the others’ potties remain dry today. All of the quints are excited about wearing underwear, though and it is still anyone’s game.

Riley: I heard that Rustin was so excited about the underwear that he didn’t even want to wear a shirt because it prevented him from seeing his underwear.

Kaiya: That’s right, he said he wanted to see the “Woo Woo’s” I think he was referring to the trains!

Day 2:
Riley: Rustin maintains his sizable lead in day two. At the end of the day, he is still the only one who managed to get anything out on the potty.

Day 3:
Kaiya: Day 3 started off slow---very little action on the potties from anyone except for Rustin. In the late afternoon, I decided to take the quints up to my room to play.

Riley: Are you sure that was a good idea? I mean with an average of 15 accidents per day, letting them in your room seems kind of risky!

Kaiya: Um, yes, in hindsight it was a bad idea. Ryder started to she-she on the floor in my bedroom. I freaked out and started yelling, which I think scared him into stopping. Then mom stepped in and ran him downstairs to sit on his potty. He actually did more on the potty, and I think things kind of “clicked” for him.

Day 4:
Riley: Ryder has decided to give Rustin a run for his money. He has been a pro on the potty all day long. In fact, once he discovered the link between going potty and getting candy, he wanted to go every five minutes.

Kaiya: Kassidy also had a good day. She brought her potty out to the family room and sat on it every few minutes until something finally came out. She was so proud!

Potty Training Treat of Choice at the Wilkinson house

Day 5:
Riley: Five days into potty training and Rustin is still in the lead, followed closely by Ryder. Kassidy is in third at the moment—she seemed to regress a little bit this morning, but Kaydence and Kyndall lag behind.

Kaiya: Ryder is really the dark horse in this competition. No one expected him to be such a contender.

Riley: The boys have really risen to the top. Everybody said that girls were easier to train than boys, but that’s not the case with our quints!

Day 6:
Kaiya: Kaydence has had a breakthrough!

Riley: That’s right, Kaiya! First thing this morning, she went she-she in the potty. When she looked in the potty and saw that the she-she was yellow, she was soooo delighted that it was “her” color, that she has (mostly) gone she-she on the potty ever since!

Day 7:
Kaiya: Day 7 was church (3 hours long, with potty breaks) for the quints. They all wore Pull-ups and three of them actually made it home dry.

Day 8:
Riley: One week into potty training and the competition is still fierce. Rustin took the early lead, but Ryder, Kassidy and Kaydence have all started to catch up. No one is perfect yet, but most have made vast improvements since day one.

Wilkinson Quints favorite potty training book

Day 9:
Kaiya: The competition is still going strong. Rustin, who was the early leader, is really going to have to bring is A-game if he wants to take home the Gold Medal for this one. Kyndall is the only one whose head doesn’t really seem to be in the game. She has yet to produce more than a drop on the potty.

Riley: She has produced millions of drops other places though! She is a sneaky one---she doesn’t tell anybody about the accidents, so we usually find them by stepping in them!

Kaiya: EEEWWWW! Gross!

Riley: After 9 days of competition, the current standings are: Rustin is in the lead, doing most of his she-she and poop in the potty since day 1. Kassidy is second, having a completely accident-free day today. Ryder and Kaydence are tied for third and Kyndall lags behind in 5th place.

Both: Woweeze!

Kaiya: This is Kaiya for WQ+2…

Riley: And this is Riley for WQ+2…join us next time for the exciting conclusion to the Potty Training event!

Both: BYE!!!!


Maaike said...

Hilarious! :) Go Kyndall!!!

Wendy Jean said...

Oh - that is too funny! Good job writing the updates. I wondered how you were going to potty train them. You are really brave and patient to do all of them at once! Good luck!!

Crazy Granny said...

Who would ever guess that Ryder would do so well. To bad about the little stinker. Cute but stealthy.

Tobi said...

Since Kyndall doesn't really eat maybe you should entice her with toys. Just a thought.

Becky said...

LOL I love your kids! So cute!

Janet M said...

Loved reading the report - very good job on it.

Kelly K said...

If my son were one of your quints, he'd be Kyndall..:-) And the thought of him times five and all of those accidents..

I don't know how you do it, Rachelle.

You are so crazy for this, yet I feel it is also a stroke of brilliance. Because who knows how well peer pressure works for your children better than you.. :-)

Good luck. At this rate, they'll beat my son to fully potty trained status.

Had to "press this" and share.

Penny said...

I love your blog! Your kids are gorgeous! My sister has read your blog and told me I must read it. I started at the beginning a couple of weeks ago and just finished...what wonderful stories of your wonderful family! =)

Ritkiss said...

I cringe at training one, can't imagine 5 all at once...amazing job!

Carroll Family said...

Can't imagine!!! Good luck!

Maaike said...

Thought I'd send some support and encouragement to the boot camp trainers ;) Are you still hanging in there? Keep it up! Go, go, go!