Monday, September 20, 2010

PTBC Update, Quint Olympic Style

Kaydence, Rustin, Kassidy, Ryder and Kyndall

Both: This is WQ+2 Quint Olympics!

Riley: Hi, my name is Riley Wilkinson

Kaiya: And I'm Kaiya Wilkinson.

Riley: Today we bring you a special update on the PTBC (Potty Training Boot Camp) Quint Olympics!

Kaiya: That's right, Riley! The quints have been at it for three weeks now, it's time give a progress report!

Two-days worth of underwear laundry from the first week of PTBC

Riley: When we last checked in on the quints, almost two weeks ago, Rustin was leading the pack, with Kassidy in second, Ryder and Kaydence tied for third and Kyndall in last place.

Kaiya: I spoke with the quints' mother, earlier today. She said that while improvements are being made, no one is completely "potty trained".

Riley: We'll reveal more from that interview in a minute, but now lets check in on each of the quints!

Kassidy has Potty Power!

Kaiya: Kassidy is doing great and has taken the lead from Rustin! She is consistently putting all her poop and she-she in the potty with only a couple of accidents over the last week. Right now, I would say Kassidy is the one to beat!


Riley: Kaydence deserves the "most improved" award for the past couple of weeks. She has really stepped up her game. She has not had any she-she accidents over the past week, but she is still having a hard time with #2. I think Kassidy better watch her back with Kaydence around!


Kaiya: Rustin was an early leader, but has since lost his hold on first place.

Riley: Kaiya, this competition was really his to lose....what happened?

Kaiya: Rustin did fantastic initially, and he still can produce something anytime he sits on the potty, but lately he has started to average 3 accidents per day. It seems he gets caught up in playing and doesn't want to take a potty break.

Kyndall--she LOOKS innocent, doesn't she??

Riley: Kyndall, well, what can we say about Kyndall...she has always liked to march to the beat of her own drummer. In the past two weeks, Kyndall has gone she-she on the potty a total of two times. Right now she is in last place. Her head just isn't in the game, but I'm not going to write her off just yet...I think once SHE decides that she wants to be potty trained, it will happen.

Kaiya: Kyndall hasn't put a lot of poop or she-she in the potty, but I have heard rumors that she has put a lot of other things in the potty...

Riley: That's right, Kaiya, she is always putting something in there---big wads of toilet paper, dental floss, toothbrushes, and if she can't find anything else, her hands!

Dental Floss in the toilet....only slightly less disgusting than finding your toothbrush in there :-)


Kaiya: Ryder continues to make steady progress on the potty. He is pretty good with she-she, but has some problems with #2.

Riley: Wow, looks like some definite improvements are being made at the Wilkinson house.

Kaiya: Yes! When I spoke with the Quints' Mom, she said she was pleased with the progress, but hoped the whole thing would be over soon! She said one of the hardest parts of potty training is that it requires a lot of individual attention....that means that when she is focused on one child, the rest like to be off causing TROUBLE!!

Riley: Ooohhh, yeah! I have noticed that when mom is helping a couple of the quints in the bathroom, the others are out pulling all the pillows off the couch or dumping the contents of all the game cupboard on the floor. When Mom is in the kitchen getting lunch ready and some of the quints go to the potty by themselves, they usually end up causing some kind of mischief in the bathroom.

Kassidy and Kyndall found the stash of markers in the bedroom and used them to "decorate"

Fortunately they were dry erase markers and the girls colored on things that could be cleaned!

Kyndall and Kassidy snuck into the closet, found the supply of nicely organized greeting cards, and quickly un-organized them!

Ryder and Rustin found the lipstick!

They both look soooo remorseful for their misdeeds, don't they?? (not!)

Riley: The current standings in the Potty Training Quint Olympics are: Kassidy in first place, Kaydence second place, Ryder third place, Rustin, fourth place and Kyndall a distant 5th place.

Kaiya: We've seen how quickly things can's still any ones game!

Riley: This is Riley for WQ+2.

Kaiya: And this is Kaiya for WQ+2, join us next time for the exciting CONCLUSION (or at least my mom hopes there will be a conclusion) to the Potty Training Boot Camp Quint Olympics!!!!

Both: BYE!!!



Crazy Granny said...

It does not surprise me about Kassidy, I'm totally pleased about Kaydence, Ryder, and Rustin but shocked that Kyndell, an all around brainy kid is in a poop stand-off. I'm certain that she is waiting to walk in one day all trained so that she can steal the glory.

Three Little Brown Kids said...

You should be sainted!

Lori said...

HA! HA! HA! HA! I can't stop laughing...Funny photos! Especially the two little lipstick hounds. Sylvia your comment cracks me up and I agree with The Brown've secured Saint status in my book. Before you know it...this will all be a distant memory and there will be peace in the potty room!

Stephanie said...

Potty training sucks!!! (There is simply no other way to put it.)

Arnold Quads said...

Sounds like you've been super busy these past two weeks! Stick with it. It is so easy to get discouraged. But, I promise they will figure it out. (& probably sooner than later). Just try and smile through it all :)

Tobi said...

I hope you are laughing about all this. I love the picture of Rustin and Ryder with lipstick all over their faces. Good black mail material for when they get older.

Crazy Granny said...

Oops! sorry I can't spell my own grand kids name the right way. I vow to get it right next time Kyndall.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I'm so glad to see an update!

But accidents... are just a part of it. My son (b 8-3-2007) has been pretty much potty trained since the middle of july. But he had accidents every night on vacation in August. (Was fine during the day) and then started having accidents a week ago and it is one or two accidents a day for reasons we can not quite figure out. :(