Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three-Year Check-ups

Mimi with Ryder, Kyndall, Kaydence, Rustin and Kassidy

My mom (aka "Mimi") was here during the middle of September. With extra help around, I decided it would be a great time to take the quints in for their overdue 3-year check-up! Our pediatricians office is really great---they always schedule half the kids with one doctor and the other half with another doctor so that I can take all five at the same time and be in and out of there as fast as possible! Now that the quints are older, they only go for annual check-ups, so it had been over a year since we last invaded the Doctor's office. Going there totally brought back flashbacks of the early days, when I had to take several helpers and we would all parade into the office with five baby carriers and diaper bags to boot. Now that the quints are older, things are much easier. My mom and I were able to handle things with just the two of us.

All the quints "passed" their check-up with flying colors. All five are perfectly healthy, normal three-year-olds. All are developing right on schedule and have no major medical issues! What a miracle they are----we are so blessed!!!

Kyndall, Kassidy and Kaydence---the kids all had to wear gowns for their check-up. The girls thought they were so much fun---like playing dress-up.

Rustin and Ryder, on the other hand, started ripping theirs off the second we got them on!

The visit ended with three rounds of SHOTS! Not the quints favorite part of the day. They were all upset and crying uncontrollably until the nurses brought in the treasure box...

"Can you year me now??" Once they had their toy (they ALL chose toy cell phones) they were happy (though for the rest of the day, every time Kaydence saw her Band-Aid she would start crying again---it was quite a feat to get the Band-Aid's off without her noticing)

Here are the latest stats on each of the quints....All of the kids are on the low end of the height percentiles, but that has nothing to do with them being quints or premature---Riley and Kaiya have always been low on the charts too---keep in mind that I am only 5' 2" tall and Jayson is 5' 7" inches tall, so it isn't in the genetic cards for us to have a basketball team :-)

Name: Kassidy
Age: 3 going on 30
Height: 37 inches (about 40th percentile)
Weight: 29 lbs (about 25th percentile)
Personality: Kassidy is still the "mother hen" of the group. She likes to be in charge, but isn't always the one that everybody follows. She is probably the most mature of the bunch.

Name: Kaydence
Age: 3
Height: 34.75 inches (about 5th percentile)
Weight: 26 lbs (about 5th percentile)
Personality: Kaydence is sweet and easy-going most of the time. She has a soft sweet voice that is hard to say 'no' to. She takes life at her own pace. She is usually the last one at the dinner table. Before starting, I thought she would be the last to finished potty training, however, she has taken over the lead and may be the FIRST!

Name: Rustin
Age: 3
Height: 36 inches (about 15th percentile)
Weight: 29 lbs (about 30th percentile)
Personality: Rustin is the stereotypical redhead. He is full of mischief, but he can also be a big cuddle-bug. He gets easily excited about things, and has great facial expressions. He is the clown of the bunch.

Name: Kyndall
Age: 3
Height: 34.75 inches (about 5th percentile)
Weight: 24 lbs (less than 5th percentile)
Personality: Kyndall is a little spitfire. She only likes to do things on her terms. She likes to be the center of attention and is a bit of a party animal. Although Kassidy would like to be in charge, the others usually follow Kyndall instead. She is a little too smart for her own good and is typically the instigator of trouble at our house (though Rustin is usually a willing accomplice).

Name: Ryder
Age: 3
Height: 38 inches (about 55th percentile)
Weight: 31 lbs (about 25th percentile)
Personality: Ryder could charm the spots off a ladybug when he wants to. He usually oscillates between extremely cute and adorable and extremely high maintenance! He is obsessed with shoes and insists on wearing them the second he wakes up. Of all the quints, he is the most particular.

Also while my mom was here, my dad managed a very brief one day business trip to Austin. We met him at our favorite BBQ place, Rudy's, for dinner one night. Here are some more pictures from the outing:



Mimi and Papa

Jayson and Rachelle

The kids: Ryder, Riley, Rustin, Kassidy, Kyndall, Kaydence and Kaiya



Megan Of Parker said...

Holy cow! Kaiya's hair is so long I hardly recognized her. It's a good thing she has three brothers to beat off the suiters.

Jessie said...

Rachelle, I just saw on the TLC schedule that you have your own show!! Congratulations! You sure kept that under wraps! Please let us know more about it, I'm dying to know!


Julia M. said...

I have a confession: I like to read your blog. I heard about your quints when they were born in AZ, and knowing you were a fellow BYU grad and Mormon, I've followed your story now and again. I'm so impressed with what a good mother you are to FIVE three-year-olds. That's amazing. I just joined the ranks of mothers with a 9-month-old and he almost weighs as much as Kyndall. :) Thanks for your inspiration and dedication to all things good. I really admire you.

Stephanie said...

I like these kind of updates when you talk about each of their personalities. I feel like I know them better now that I’ve finally met them in person (other than the hospital when they were born).

Tobi said...

I love the updates. Kyndall and I must be kindred spirits since we both have to do things in our own way. =)

wonderchris said...

The look on Kassidy's face in that first picture cracks me up!!!

Great post - love the updates!

liesl said...

kassidy: 3 going on 30