Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Giveaway!!!

As long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for reading. When I was a kid, I would go to the library and check out the maximum number of books that they would allow (which was 15) and read them all before they were due two weeks later. Every summer, my mom would offer incentives to my brothers to get them to read more, but she would implement consequences for me reading too much. I learned early on that reading in the family room, kitchen or other visible area was the quickest way to get asked to do some kind of boring chore, so I often hid out in my room (which my dad started referring to as “the cave”) with my book. I love mysteries, courtroom dramas, medical thrillers and I always think a book is better with a little love story thrown in. I am definitely a “happy ending” kind of girl. My most recent reads include “The Hunger Games” series, “The Help”, and “Unknown”.

Although I have always loved to read, I never really enjoyed taking English in school. In fact, when I went away to college, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew for certain that I did NOT want to major in English or Elementary Education. Kind of ironic, considering I spend my days taking care of young children and my free time writing a blog!

I have always been horrible at keeping a journal. In fact, my journal, which is not even half full, is the same one I have had since I was eight years old. I love taking pictures, so I have always relied on the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I first began this blog in 2007, a few weeks after we found out that we were pregnant with quintuplets. We thought the blog would be a good way to keep family and friends updated on the progress of the pregnancy. Somewhere along the way, I discovered that I actually LIKE writing! Many people have asked how I can continue to keep up the blog with my crazy busy life, and the answer is that writing has become a release for me. After a long crazy day, writing blog entries actually helps me to unwind. I also LOVE that I have a record of our family and our experiences.

As an avid reader and novice writer, I was excited when I was offered the chance to host a giveaway on my blog for a new book by Mark Shaver entitled, “A Critical Loss of Balance”. Mark is a fellow Texan! This is his third mystery novel. I just got my copy of the book and I am excited to start reading it!

Here is a brief description of the book, “Cliff Elliott thought he had endured the worst thing a parent could endure when his nine year old daughter was kidnapped, but he was wrong. The circumstances that led to her return were far worse than anything he could have imagined. Now Cliff, a man who rarely uttered a cross word, a man whose temperament and nature were as gentle as any man’s could be, had his life thrown irreparably out of balance. Left with no other choice, Cliff set out not for revenge, but for justice; a justice he hoped would restore the balance that was now absent from his life. His pursuit of this balance thrust him deep into a world that he had never experienced before; a world to which he was indeed a stranger. The price to be paid to regain his balance though, was much higher than he ever imagined it would be. In fact, Cliff almost paid the ultimate price as he was forced into the world of those who took his daughter. So take a walk in another man’s shoes and try to imagine what you would do if you were faced with, ‘A Critical Loss of Balance’.”

Now for the really exciting part…..one of you lucky readers can win your own copy of “A Critical Loss of Balance”!!! To enter the giveaway, simply leave me a comment telling me how you started writing (if you are a writer) or what your favorite book is (if you are a reader). Please include your email address so I have a way of contacting you if you win! The deadline for entering the giveaway is Sunday, August 7th. The winner will be chosen at random. Good Luck!!


Wiley said...

I'm a reader, not a writer. I'm not sure what my favorite book would be, but I tend to like worlds. By that I mean authors who write a series of books taking place within the same world

Anonymous said...

I am a reader, not a writer. I will read just about anything. My favorite (at least now) is the FBI Thrillers by Catherine Coulter.
lgndgirl at yahoo dot com

Tina Michelle said...

That book sounds amazing. My favorite book as a kid was You Shouldn't Have to Say Good-bye by Patricia Herme. I read that book repeatedly as a kid and the author even came to school and signed it for me. I still have it. Some of my most recent reads are Along the River: A Chinese Cinderella Story, The Handmaid's Tale and A Stolen Life The Jaycee Dugard Story.

I also love to write. I keep a journal but I don't really write in in as often as I would like. I write a journal to each of my kids though and keep that up often. I write in my blog pretty often. I used to write poems all the time and LOVED english class in school. I loved reading all the classic stories by Shakespear and doing all the school reports on them.

I kind of wrote too much here, sorry. I ended up finding a big purse to carry around just so there was room enough to carry a book with me whereever I go. Good luck to whoever wins this book. I look forward to your review if you choose to post one.

Tina Michelle said...

I got so excited talking about writing and reading that I forgot to post my email! Sorry. My email is Tauvamomof2@gmail.com.

Natalie said...

I love to write on my blog and I go through phases of reading different genres: biographies,children's literature, etc. Right now I'm on a Jane Austin kick and am enjoying that.
natalieshirts at gmail dot com

Tracey's Life said...

I am also a reader and not a writer, although my 17 yr old is a writer and participates every year in Novel writing month (November 50,000 words)

The book that most recently left it's biggest impression on me (Thriller Family Story was "The Things That Keep Us Here"

Leah said...

Oooh, that sounds like a great book. I'm a reader. My favorite book was The Help, until I just read Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult. That's now my new favorite. It even made me a bit teary.


Anonymous said...

Like you, I have always enjoyed getting immersed in books and to this day cannot fall asleep without reading something! My favorite books include can't be limited to particular titles, but authors such as Jodi Picoult, Kristin Hannah, and Nicholas Sparks can always get me from the first page! So excited about the possibility of winning!
kwswimmer14 at hotmail dot com

Summaiyah Hyder said...

I started blogging because writing has always been a way for me to express things. I wanted to be able to come back to my blog down the road and know exactly what I was thinking at a certain point in my life and blogging allows me to do that.


Anonymous said...

I also prefer happy ends! I'am a reader. I love agatha christie, one of my favourite is Ten little nigers(don't remember if it's the good title in english as I'am french...)
Bises from france,Caroline

Jenae said...

Hi, I am a reader, and now somewhat of a writer as I have a blog, if that counts!!! I love to read, esp. historical fiction. glennkrisher@juno.com

Jamison & Larissa said...

We must be on the same wavelength because my latest reads have also been "The Hunger Games" series and "The Help." I also love anything by Mary Higgins Clark.

CL said...

I love to read! My favorite series is by Mindy Starns Clark- The Million Dollar Mysteries.
cherthebookgirl at gmail dot come

Emms said...

I like reading mysterys and romance ! emma.sloggett@gmail.com

Beth said...

definitely a reader! I can't pick my favorite book, but I just loved the Help. I also am loving Lee Child's Jack Reacher series

Kyle and Kelsey said...

I am a reader, not a writer. I love anything by John Grisham or James Patterson, both mystery writers and my latest craze is J.D. Robb. She writes mystery novels set in the future with her handsome husband. :)

Kyle and Kelsey said...

Sorry, my email is kelsey.johnson@yahoo.com!

grammitch said...

I am definately not a writer, but I love to read. My favorite book is "Glass Castle" by Jeannette Wall
In my opinion, it is a must read.

Halli Matheny said...

OOHHH I'm a reader...and I have a blog too! :) I don't have a favorite book per se, just some favorite authors. I love John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks, & Jodi Picoult the most!

Susan L said...

Reader! My favorite book is Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss.


Angie said...
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Agnes said...

love reading biographies and mysteries. I bet I will enjoy this one :)
My email: asliczniak@sbcglobal.net

DaisyBee said...

I'm a reader currently although I do really enjoy writing. I'm hoping to start properly blogging in September when I begin my midwifery course as I'd love to have a proper record of the births I have attended etc. However, whenever I write a diary, or a blog, it always feels so contrived. I am yet to find a writing style that sits right with me and feels genuine.

As for my favourite book, easily 'By Reason of Insanity' by Shane Stevens. It's an incredibly disturbing piece of fiction, but a completely unputdownable thriller. A Critical Loss of Balance sounds like a really interesting read, do you know if it will be published in the UK at all?

Therese Kaesebier said...

I LOVE reading!! I just started "The Clan of the Cave Bear." I also love the Hunger Games- brilliant. The Help was the last book I read and cannot wait for the movie (although I'm sure I'll be disappointed- always am). I also love ANYTHING by Jodi Picoult.

Julianne said...

Definitely a reader here, too. I am amazed at people who write well. :) I have so many favorite books! I finally read "Gone With the Wind" last year and absolutely loved it. Mark's book sounds like a really great read! Can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.


jasonfan said...
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Anonymous said...

I love writing and reading. I used to love English class in high school when asked to write short stories. I have quite an imagination:)
sunnydea at hotmail dot com

Susie said...

I am a reader not a writer, although I would love to write a book. My favorite book at the present time is Water for Elephants.

cindyquiltsOR said...

I am a reader ... late to learn but made up for lost time.

What my younger children like to remind me: I have a wacked out sense of humor. I read my kids from "classics" at night. Joseph says: we are the only kids whose mom read from Edgar Allen Poe for bedtime stories.

I continue to apologize for my choices in bedtime stories!

Best Wishes!
Cindy B.

Carol N Wong said...

I read but I write for myself and I live in Texas too!. I was like you, bringing home armloads of books each time I went to the library.

I don't have a favorite book, I can tell you what some of my favorite books are this year!

'Everything that I Was".
'The Jerusalem Maiden'.
'Silver Girl'
'The Autombiography of Mrs.Tom Thumb'
'Please Look After Mom'
'Wishful Thinking'
'Strings Attached'
'Dreams of Joy'
'Chocolate Dipped Death'
'The Crimson Cipher'

There is an absence of thrillers here, how did that happen, love thrillers, suspense and almost all mysteries.


Margie said...

I'm a reader not a writer. It's hard to pick a favorite book...but a couple I really enjoyed are The Memory Keeper's Daughter and Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.
mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

I'm too late again which happens quite often to me.
But as I am following your blog with great interest and pleasure I might take the opportunity to tell you about a book that fascinated me lately.

It is PEOPLE OF THE BOOK by Geraldine Brooks (2008). It is the story of a five hundred year old book known as the Sarajevo Haggadah.

Thank you for whatever you share with us, the readers of your blog!