Friday, August 19, 2011

Utah Valley Half Marathon

I am still playing "catch-up" with the posts from my crazy summer! Back in June, I took a quick trip to Utah to run the Utah Valley Half Marathon with my dad and my sister, Tiare. My trip was only four days long, but I managed to see several of my Utah friends and family members and eat at all of my favorite Utah restaurants.

When I flew in to Salt Lake, my friend Meagan Greenleaf picked me up from the airport. Meagan was one of my best friends in Austin before she moved. Meagan was babysitting Kaiya for me the day I had the ultrasound that revealed I was carrying quintuplets, so she ended up being the very first person I told.

"Girls Night" with my sister, mom, grandma, sister-in-law, cousins and aunts on my mom's side of the family. Quite a group! I have a large extended family! I have 64 first cousins (47 on my mom's side and 17 on my dad's side).

Sam, Mimi, Tiare and Rachelle in front of my Alma Mater! Go Cougars!

For lunch we met my old roommate and bridesmaid, Becki for lunch at Zupa's. It has been several years since Becki and I have gotten together, so it was so much fun to catch up!

Rachelle, Papa, Tiare: Friday night we picked up our race packets!

After picking up our packets, we headed to Mimi's for our carb-load dinner (I chose to consume most my carbs in the form of chocolate). Both sets of grandparents came with us.

Bright and early Saturday morning, my mom dropped us off at the starting line. My first half marathon was the Zooma Half back in April. It was a very challenging course with lots of hills. This race was mostly downhill and the scenery was amazing! I loved it!

My dad (aka "Papa") and Tiare are on their way! Yes, I was the crazy person who carried my phone and took pictures the whole way.

One of the scenic hot spots on the route: Bridal Veil Falls

Mt. Timp---gorgeous! Unlike Texas, Utah got TONS of rain this year and everything was so GREEN!

Coming out of the canyon, we ran past BYU

Mimi and Sam kept trying to follow us in the car and cheer us on. Sam took this picture hanging out the window.

WooHoo---I made it to the finish line! My time was 2:02, which was 5 minutes better than my previous half marathon time. I was happy!

Tiare, Papa and Rachelle at the finish line

Chocolate milk at the finish line....this is my kind of race!!

Can't you just hear the theme song from "Rocky" playing?

Papa, Tiare and Rachelle with our cheerleaders, Mom and Sam

After the race we headed up Provo canyon for a picnic with the Curtis (my dad's) side of the family

Tiare, Mimi and Rachelle

My Grandma and Grandpa Curtis---don't they look so cute?? They just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary!

Me and my Aunt Debbie---my brother's call her my "look-a-like"--what do you think??

Late night snack at Yogurtland. It was so much fun hanging out with my mom, sister and sister-in-law all weekend! My brother Shane and Sam just got married last summer, so I haven't had a chance to get to know Sam very well until the Utah trip.

Me with my Grandma Rappleye. She just celebrated her 90th birthday---doesn't she look amazing? If any of you saw the TLC special "Texas Quints", she was featured in the 2nd episode.

Sunday dinner at my Aunt Kathy Sue's house with my cousins Heather and Heidi and their families.

The "goodbye" picture: Sam, Tiare and Rachelle.

It was SO nice to get a few days break from my "mom" responsibilities! I came back rejuvenated! I am trying to talk myself into running the FULL marathon next year!



Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wow, you are truly inspiring! I'm glad you had a fun trip, a little getaway always helps me be a better mom/wife too. :)

Kaia said...

That picture of Mt. Timp IS gorgeous!

Crazy Granny said...

It's all great!